Airport Advisory Committee 

The Airport is owned and operated by the City of Winter Haven. 
The City Commission may, at any time, appoint or abolish a committee to be known as the Airport Advisory Committee, which Committee, shall act in an advisory capacity to aid the City Commission, the City Manager or any department of City government in its respective legislative oversight, regulatory, and/or other prescribed duties relating to the operation of a quality general purpose Airport in the City.

The Airport Advisory Committee consists of five (5) voting members and an alternate. The City Commission has the sole responsibility to make appointments to the Airport Advisory Committee.  Members are appointed by the City Commission in accordance with a process as determined by the City Commission. All members serve at the discretion of the City Commission and the City Commission may rescind such appointments with or without cause in the City Commissions’ sole discretion. 

Members appointed by the City Commission serve staggered terms and the term of office shall be three (3) years.  If a vacancy occurs prior to the expiration of any member’s full term, the City Commission shall appoint another member for the unexpired term in accordance with a process as determined by the City Commission.  

Each member appointed to the Airport Advisory Committee shall express an active interest in aviation and the growth and development of the Winter Haven Municipal Airport, and shall be actively engaged or have substantial business experience in the ownership or general management of an existing business or professional enterprise and at least one (1) tenant at the Airport shall be eligible to serve on the Airport Advisory Committee.  

There are three ex-officio members to the Airport Advisory Committee. They are:
  • Airport Director: Alex Vacha
  • Growth Management Director: Merle Bishop 
  • City Commissioner: William J. Twyford
The current members of the Airport Advisory Committee are listed below.
  • Chairman: Bruce Lyon 
  • Vice-Chairman: Eddie McGuire 
  • Member: Katie Worthington
  • Member: Ben Shipps
  • Member: Mickey Matison  
  • Alternate Member: Jeff Donalson