Age-Groups & Divisions   

*AAAA (or 4A) divisions are for highest caliber teams who most likely will contend for summer time national championships and thus may want to use proper age based players

** AAA(3A), AA(2A), A(1A)  divisions can use age of player determined at the start of the tournament,
*** some teams may want to use grade based rules bc they may have a few older players but not a team for them ( Ex: 19 year old 12th grader on an 18&U team)
****in some special cases grants/permission will be given for special requests made a head of time 
 *****some divisions may fill up fast and other may be cancelled due to lack of interest, and some may be combined.
****** (unless granted by tournament director), coed teams need at least 1 player of each gender on the roster, but no minimum # of boys or girls needed to actual be in the water playing at one time
Age Groups

10&U/4thGrade&U(Boys, Girls, Coed)

12&U/6thGrade&U(Boys, Girls, Coed)

14&U/8thGrade&U(Boys, Girls, Coed)

16&U/10thGrade&U(Boys or Girls)

18&U/12thGrade&U(Boys or Girls)
**if any teams needs their high school age teams to be coed for some reason, please ask tournament director for permission

College Age (Men or Women)

Adult Masters/Open( Men, Women, Coed)

Divisions/Skill Levels......(highest)AAAA(or 4A), AAA (or 3A), AA(or 2A), A (or 1A) (lowest)

Cost = $630 per team 

* significant market inflation costs of pool facility rentals & referee expenses have unfortunately forced us to slightly increase team entries :(






·          4-5 games guaranteed, some teams may get 6

·          Friday games start after 2:30pm, Saturday games all day, Sunday games should finish by about 7:00pm (need special requests? contact us early)

·          Tied games stand in bracket play and early rounds... in 2 team advancement,  go to shoot-out 

·          bracket advancement in ties ( goals against- defense first, then goal difference, then goals for-offense )
the objective is to eliminate teams until you can determine placement by head to head...meaning in a 3 team tie bracket, the lowest team got 3rd place using total goals against rule...two teams are left, first place in bracket goes to the team that beat the other ... hope that makes sense

·          1-full timeout & 1- half  time out per game

·          Team awards for top  3 teams in each division, and 15 individual player medals per team in the top 3, MVP of championship team gets to take home a game ball or possibly other item (take picture and e-mail to tournament director to post on website, include name-club-age group)

·          First Team listed on schedule shall wear white game caps and start  the game to the left of scorers table

·          Athletes can only play with 1 team from their club if multiple teams from their club are in the same exact division; permission/request must be made with tournament director for special situations. Clubs can not allow players from a different club to join their club team just for WinterFest unless special request has been granted first by the tournament director.(usually approval needed from heads of both clubs, where one of them could not field a team for WinterFest ) All teams are expected to uphold a high level of ethics in decisions of roster make up and competition.

·          All entry slots are subject to availability and approval by the tournament committee. The number of teams permitted in each division will /may fill up quickly and teams will not be accepted into the tournament unless they have proper items submitted by the posted deadline. Tournament committee reserves the right to deny entry/ participation for any club/team/coach or player regardless of availability

·          A minimum fine of $125 per game will be applied for teams that have to forfeit for reasons such as having an unregistered athlete or coach participate, not having enough players to start a game after 5 minutes from the scheduled start,etc…or not showing up at all to their game