WinterFest'18 Water Polo Tournament is officially in the books !

we wanted to send this message to all the teams (youth and adults) that participated in this WinterFest'18 Water Polo Tournament

Thank you to all participants (players, parents, coaches, managers, sponsors=S&R Sport & WinArt Balls, referees, assignors, usawp, pool site hosts, volunteers and WF'18 committee/staff)for making WinterFest'18 a success, we hope all your team members got some quality games in!

If coaches did not get their free t-shirts, or refs did not get their free ref item, or if any players/parents wanted to buy some event merchandise still (shirts,suits, balls), contact us at winterfestwpt@gmail.com, and we will look into our inventory...we will hold on to these items for a few more days before we return to our suppliers/vendors or store them away.

if your team got 1st 2nd and 3rd and did not get a trophy or players did not get a medal, please e-mail us, if you got 1st place and did not get your MVP player a game ball, please e-mail us at winterfestwpt@gmail.com and we will coordinate

if you want to submit pictures, videos, or quotes/statements from the tournament on your teams or players for us to upload on the website www.winterfestwaterpolo.com, please e-mail that to us at winterfestwpt@gmail.com, include any caption, only appropriate material please

below is a list of top 3 finishers in each division:(for full placements and results and scores, check out www.winterfestwaterpolo.com)

Congrats to:
Masters Open 4A/3A: 1st=Power, 2nd=CHAWP, 3rd=Riptide
Masters Classic 2A/1A: 1st=Riptide, 2nd=Carlsbad, 3rd=West Hollywood Rainbows
Masters Women's: 1st=Riptide, 2nd=Inter WPC, 3rd=West Hollywood
10&U Coed: 1st=Laguna Beach, 2nd=Rocky Mountain, 3rd=MVPolo
12&U Coed: 1st=Power, 2nd=Gold Coast, 3rd=West Valley
12&U Boys: 1st=Laguna Beach, 2nd=Rocky Mountain, 3rd=Aliso Polo
12&U Girls: 1st=Laguna Beach, 2nd=Rose Bowl, 3rd=SB 805
14&U Coed: 1st=Orange County WPF, 2nd=Rocky Mountain, 3rd=Power
14&U Boys 4A/3A: 1st=ORWP, 2nd=SOCAL, 3rd=MVPolo
14&U Boys 2A/1A: 1st=SOCAL, 2nd=SB 805, 3rd=San Diego Shores
14&U Girls 4A/3A: 1st=Laguna Beach, 2nd=Rose Bowl A, 3rd=San Diego Shores
14&U Girls 2A/1A: 1st=Laguna Beach B, 2nd=San Diego Shores, 3rd=Pacific Polo
16&U Boys 4A/3A: 1st=SOCAL, 2nd=Pacific Coast Riptide,3rd=San Diego Shores
16&U Boys 2A: 1st=Praetorian, 2nd=Rogue, 3rd=Thunderbird
16&U Boys 1A: 1st=Tulare, 2nd=Pacific Polo Blue, 3rd=Eastvale
16&U Girls: 1st=Napa, 2nd=West Valley, 3rd=Rebel
18&U Boys 4A/3A: 1st=San Diego Shores 18s, 2nd=Bakersfield, 
                               3rd=Pacific Coast Riptide
18&U Boys 2A/1A: 1st=Foothill, 2nd=Alameda, 3rd=Pacific Polo
18&U Girls: 1st=West Valley, 2nd=Exeter, 3rd=Pacific Coast Riptide

Hopefully we did not make too many mistakes :)
Thanks again to all !!!
WF'18 Organizing Committee