Unfortunately it does not appear that WinterFest Water Polo Tournament for February 2019 will be happening. If anything changes and we are able to pull it off, we will notify clubs. Hopefully in the future we can get the event up and running again. Thanks for your interest and good luck in all of your winter season competitions !
WinterFest WPT
Organizing Committee

WinterFest'18 Water Polo Tournament is officially in the books !

we wanted to send this message to all the teams (youth and adults) that participated in this WinterFest'18 Water Polo Tournament

Thank you to all participants (players, parents, coaches, managers, sponsors=S&R Sport & WinArt Balls, referees, assignors, usawp, pool site hosts, volunteers and WF'18 committee/staff)for making WinterFest'18 a success, we hope all your team members got some quality games in!

If coaches did not get their free t-shirts, or refs did not get their free ref item, or if any players/parents wanted to buy some event merchandise still (shirts,suits, balls), contact us at winterfestwpt@gmail.com, and we will look into our inventory...we will hold on to these items for a few more days before we return to our suppliers/vendors or store them away.

if your team got 1st 2nd and 3rd and did not get a trophy or players did not get a medal, please e-mail us, if you got 1st place and did not get your MVP player a game ball, please e-mail us at winterfestwpt@gmail.com and we will coordinate

if you want to submit pictures, videos, or quotes/statements from the tournament on your teams or players for us to upload on the website www.winterfestwaterpolo.com, please e-mail that to us at winterfestwpt@gmail.com, include any caption, only appropriate material please

below is a list of top 3 finishers in each division:(for full placements and results and scores, check out www.winterfestwaterpolo.com)

Congrats to:
Masters Open 4A/3A: 1st=Power, 2nd=CHAWP, 3rd=Riptide
Masters Classic 2A/1A: 1st=Riptide, 2nd=Carlsbad, 3rd=West Hollywood Rainbows
Masters Women's: 1st=Riptide, 2nd=Inter WPC, 3rd=West Hollywood
10&U Coed: 1st=Laguna Beach, 2nd=Rocky Mountain, 3rd=MVPolo
12&U Coed: 1st=Power, 2nd=Gold Coast, 3rd=West Valley
12&U Boys: 1st=Laguna Beach, 2nd=Rocky Mountain, 3rd=Aliso Polo
12&U Girls: 1st=Laguna Beach, 2nd=Rose Bowl, 3rd=SB 805
14&U Coed: 1st=Orange County WPF, 2nd=Rocky Mountain, 3rd=Power
14&U Boys 4A/3A: 1st=ORWP, 2nd=SOCAL, 3rd=MVPolo
14&U Boys 2A/1A: 1st=SOCAL, 2nd=SB 805, 3rd=San Diego Shores
14&U Girls 4A/3A: 1st=Laguna Beach, 2nd=Rose Bowl A, 3rd=San Diego Shores
14&U Girls 2A/1A: 1st=Laguna Beach B, 2nd=San Diego Shores, 3rd=Pacific Polo
16&U Boys 4A/3A: 1st=SOCAL, 2nd=Pacific Coast Riptide,3rd=San Diego Shores
16&U Boys 2A: 1st=Praetorian, 2nd=Rogue, 3rd=Thunderbird
16&U Boys 1A: 1st=Tulare, 2nd=Pacific Polo Blue, 3rd=Eastvale
16&U Girls: 1st=Napa, 2nd=West Valley, 3rd=Rebel
18&U Boys 4A/3A: 1st=San Diego Shores 18s, 2nd=Bakersfield, 
                               3rd=Pacific Coast Riptide
18&U Boys 2A/1A: 1st=Foothill, 2nd=Alameda, 3rd=Pacific Polo
18&U Girls: 1st=West Valley, 2nd=Exeter, 3rd=Pacific Coast Riptide

Hopefully we did not make too many mistakes :)
Thanks again to all !!!
WF'18 Organizing Committee