Kirsten Stiner

Kirsten Stiner 
Our Trainer

Kirsten has ridden horses since she was four years old when she began competing in Western Pleasure and also competed in Halter and trail classes.  Her love for horses goes back even further.  She began working with horses at 13 when she started breaking and training where she grew up in Northern California.  She trained with Debra Serenie, Lou Silva and the Freeman’s, of Doc Olina fame.  She began to specialize in cutting and raining when she was 15 and has had the opportunity to work with some incredible horses and learn from some infamous trainers.


When Kirsten was 21 she studied dressage and continued studying all types of riding and started and finished five and three gated saddlebreds, flat and heavy shod walking horses, saddle seat, park, reining, walking and cutting horses. Kirsten has expertise in natural horsemanship and therapeutic riding and trains adults and children.  She worked with The Bridge School in San Francisco in their therapeutic riding program.


Kirsten works with adults and kids and specializes in natural horsemanship, therapeutic riding, dressage and western pleasures with an emphasis on the natural seamless transition between horse and rider.

Contact Kirsten:     (931)335-1789