NEIL ROUTLEY UKRSA trained Professional Stringer

Contact: Tel. Landline    01454 838144         Mobile: 07923273205 / 07870574349

Email: winterbournestrings@gmail.com

Address: 150 Watleys End Road, Winterbourne, Bristol. BS36 1QH

A local venture offering a personal service with a focus on quality and consistency rather than speed and throughput. Racket re‐stringing alongside other services are done to customer requests, with advice and guidance offered as needed.

Pricing is set as a labour + string rate as outlined below with discounts available to club members and repeat customers. A selection of strings are kept ‘in stock’ although specialist strings can be obtained as requested or the customer can provide their own.

Prices for labour are set on the complexity and time normally taken for a racket type and stringing pattern.

Customers are welcome to drop their rackets off or stay and watch the process.

        2 piece         1 piece         Natural Gut / Hybrid
Tennis £12£13£16
Squash £12£13£16
Badminton £13£14£18

String sets available:

Tennis Squash Badminton
TYGRE Pro Tournament : £5. Multifilament string with a solid core.1.30mm gauge resulting in more feel and touch.RAB Reflex (Fine): £8.00 Classic nylon construction gives good elasticity and performance giving better BITE and FEEL.
Head Super Power: £4.00. Multicore with Wrap designed to deliver excellent performance and a powerful response.

TYGER Poly Gold : £ 3.50

Yonex BG65 Ti : £7.00
Monofilament string with one single soft polyester core, giving excellent lifespan and the ability to play with maximum power while keeping the ball in the court.Other squash strings can be sourced and supplied at the cost of the string set from our supplier.Multicore with Wrap. A 0.7mm string with Hydro titanium coating for power, feel and, increased durability. HARD FEEL

TYGER Blue Twist : £5.00

Yonex BG68 Ti : £7.50
Multifilament string with a solid core
+ 1 single-layered mantle around the core
+1 rough coating offering more grip
Multicore with Wrap. A 0.68mm string with Hydro titanium coating for power and feel, increased durability. SOFT FEEL

Ashaway ZyMax 69 Fire: £7.50 A Beta Polymer ZyWeave core prevents tension loss. ZyMax 69 Fire is a 0.69mm string giving maximum strength and durability.

Ashaway ZyMax 65: £7.50 A unique ZyWeave core prevents tension loss. ZyMax 65 is a 0.65mm string with a rough braided coating giving excellent control and power.

Ashaway ZyMax 67: £7.50 A ZyWeave core prevents tension loss. ZyMax 67 is a 0.67mm string with a rough braided coating giving excellent power and durability.

          Yonex BG66 Ultimax : £7.50 
Multicore with Wrap. A 0.65mm string giving excellent touch control along with improved repulsion. MEDIUM FEEL