Strip Lynchets

Strip lynchets near Winterbourne Steepleton

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Strip lynchets near Winterbourne Steepleton for SY6189
(The contributor of this photo is Sarah Charlesworth)

The largest remaining contour type strip lynchets are located on the west facing slopes of the valley through which Coombe Road to Portesham runs (formerly Abbot's Way). The photograph above is a view south with Hardys Monument on the ridgeway.

In the later medieval period, local population increases necessitated the steeper slopes of chalk coombes (hence the road name) to be cultivated by forming terraces for cultivation.

The treads (i.e. nearly flat areas) vary from 2m to 60m wide and the risers between these vary between 0.5m and 3.5m in height. These lynchets were once far more extensive in the parish and are thought by RCHM to total up to about 375 acres in area. 

A close up view taken from Coombe Road
(photo RC)