In addition to the contributed presentations, we are delighted to announce plenaries by the following leading researchers:

  Prof. Melissa Bateson, Newcastle University
Melissa is Professor of Ethology and is widely known for her work on risk-sensitive foraging, context-dependent choice and the evolutionary origins of optimism, anxiety and mood states  She has been instrumental in developing an integrated view of animal cognition and welfare, combining behavioural ecology with insights from cognitive psychology in a diverse range of organisms, including honeybees, starlings and humans. Melissa sits on ASAB Council and was Conference President for the IEC Behaviour 2013 meeting.

  Prof. Reuven Dukas, McMaster University
Reuven is Professor in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour and has worked extensively on the ecology and evolution of perception, learning and decision-making in insects. He is a key figure in the emerging discipline of cognitive ecology and his two edited volumes on that topic, Cognitive Ecology and Cognitive Ecology II, are essential reading for anyone interested in how natural selection shapes information use by animals.

  Prof. Simon Laughlin FRS, University of Cambridge
Simon is Professor of Neurobiology and a leading authority on the evolution of nervous systems. His research focuses on how natural selection has shaped the structure and function of the neural circuitry underlying behaviour, with particular attention to the energy costs involved and the need to integrate information efficiently. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2000.
In addition, we are especially pleased that this year's Tinbergen Lecture will be given by...

Prof. Marlene Zuk, University of Minnesota
Marlene is Professor in Ecology, Evolution & Behaviour and has worked for many years on the evolution of mating behaviour and sexual signalling, producing several landmark publications in the field. Her current work focuses on the interaction between natural and sexual selection in shaping the acoustic signals of the Pacific field cricket.