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I'm just another project manager searching for a good project management software for windows. No, I'm not running XP because i like it.... it's the office rules... no way to change that. And MS-Project?... better not... there steel be a "MS" on the name! :-P


Why TaskJuggler? A few years ago, i was running fedora linux on my laptop (no i have an imac, it's unix as well) and i discovered TaskJuggler. This app helps me a lot while doing my master thesis at the university in Munich. Since then I'm searching for a similar application for windows, with no effort. i have tested other PM software, but i just don't like it.

1- Run TJ over ssh

this is the easiest way to run TaskJuggler under windows. The only thing you need is a server (a simple linux computer) running TaskJuggler. You can connect to it via ssh (how to install a ssh client with X-support under windows?) and start TaskJuggler.

TaskJugger will run on the server, not on the PC you are working on.

2- Getting TJ to work with cygwin

  • Background

The first thing to know is that TaskJuggler is only available for linux and requires Qt3/KDE3. It won't run natively on windows like other programs you know. It is possible to compile TJ under cygwin in order to run it under windows.

  • getting and installing cygwin

cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. The good news: It is possible to compile TaskJuggler under windows using cygwin! The bad news: the GUI won't work. at the moment it is not possible to run TaskJuggler GUI on windows using cygwin (if you know someone that knows how... please contact me at morti _ at _ !!!). anyway, let's continue.

  • get cygwin from here
  • install it
  • install the following packages with the Cygwin installer:
    • gcc-core from the Devel section
    • gcc-g++ from the Devel section
    • xorg-x11-devel from the X11 section
    • perl from the Perl section
    • qt3-devel from the KDE section
    • make from the Devel section
    • autoconf from the Devel section
    • diffutils from the Utils section
    • minires-devel from the Devel sectin
  • get (from here) TJ and unpack it (under cygwin with the command tar -c package.tar.bz2 | bunzip2 -xvf)
  • compile the package by following the commands:
    • ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-kde-support=no 
      --disable-docs --x-includes=/usr/x11R6/include/ 
      --x-libraries=/usr/x11R6/lib/ --without-arts 
      (in one single line!!!)
    • make
    • make install
  • don't worry if you get some errors... TJ should work. Read this thread for more information.
  • your first project

more coming soon...

Making Gantt Charts under Windows with cygwin

coming soon....

3- Running TJ with a virtual mashine

this is for me now the best way to run TJ under windows with GUI. here are the steps i did:

  1. download VirtualBox from
  2. install it
  3. download Fedora KDE Live Media from here
  4. start virtual box and create a virtual mashine for linux kernel 2.6
  5. attach to the virtual mashine the iso file from fedora as a cd-rom
  6. start the linux virtual mashine, it will boot from the iso image (cdrom)
  7. once linux is running, click on "install on harddrive" and install fedora 8
  8. shutdown, deatch the iso file as cdrom and boot fedora
  9. upgrade the system (yum update)
  10. install taskjuggler (yum install taskjuggler)
  11. that's all

if you have questions abbout this very short howto, please contact me under morti _ at _

4- Getting TJ to work with kde under windows

unfortunaly, TaskJuggler only uses Qt3/KDE3. KDE under Windows uses Qt4/KDE4. Unless somebody ports it to Qt4/KDE4 it will not happen any time soon. Read this thread for more information.

5- Running TJ with "andLinux"

 Thanx to Adriano for sending me this via the contact formular:

I have found easier to run TJ under windows by using andLinux!
It works much faster like any other application (I also run SALOME-Code Aster in an incredible fashion).
Using TJ (and others Linux sw) by means of andLinux just appear like using it Win natively.
PS. I am new to TJ since I have been using Faces till now (great project!!!) but it seems to be not active any more.
Anyway thank for your suggestions! Bye.

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