Short Term Disability Guide

Short Term Disability is an insurance policy paid for by the employer, usually with contributions paid by the employee, to provide income to the employee while the employee is unable to work for a reason that is not connected to being injured at work. 
You have to be unable to do your regular job in order to receive benefits.  Benefits are normally paid at 60% to 100% of your average wage.  These benefits are paid for about six months.
After the six month term, the same insurance company normally provides long term disability coverage.  You do not automatically convert to the long term disability coverage.  You have to apply for and prove your eligibility for long term disability coverage.
Some employers will encourage you to file for short term disability instead of filing for workers compensation benefits.  You really need to talk to an attorney before you agree to do this, as there are legal implications to this decision.
You may be able to protect your job if you file for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act while you are off work.  For information about how this law applies to your individual situation, please contact us.
If you have been denied benefits under the short term disability policy, please contact us for assistance.  We can help you appeal the decision and counsel you regarding the next steps to take in your case.  Our phone number is (817) 921-3220. We are here to help you.