Let's get together

It is easy to feel helpless in the face of the environmental and social challenges we face today.

We get together for grassroots community projects to make Winslow greener, more self-sustaining (and thus more resilient to national or global shocks caused by fuel shortages, environmental mismanagement and economic instability).

We believe in people power: that small changes to daily routine and local projects can contribute to a growing national movement for big results.

To find out what we are doing, check out the Projects page, here.


The Transition Movement

The Transition Movement is now global, led by the charity transitionnetwork.org. It began in Totnes, Devon in 2006. There are now over 500 Transition Towns in the UK, and groups all over the world.

The charity site is a knowledge-sharing hub for people who won't wait for politicians or big business to improve our quality of life.

Better, more far-thinking ways of living are being designed in response, but they need to be adopted in order to succeed.

To find out why we do this, check out the What is Transition page, here.