J. Winston Porter

Dr. J. Winston Porter is a leading environmental and management consultant, whose recent experience includes solid waste management, waste site remediation, water and energy matters, and climate change. He is president of Environmental Strategies (ES) in Savannah, Georgia, an independent research and consulting organization.
In addition to consulting, Dr. Porter is a frequent communicator on environmental 
and energy matters through reports, speeches, and well over 60 op-ed articles in 
major newspapers. He has spoken and written extensively on such topics as American and European waste management, global climate change, agricultural biotechnology, federal facilities site remediation, urban rivers restoration, and improvements in the Superfund program. He has also served as a “guest manager” for clients needing 
short term management assistance.
Earlier, Dr. Porter was the Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and Emergency Response at the EPA. 
In this position, he was the national program manager for the Superfund and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) programs.
Dr. Porter’s responsibilities at the EPA included administration of a budget of about $2 billion per year, direction of large and complex regulatory programs, responsibility for work at over 800 Superfund sites, testimony at some 65 Congressional hearings, and frequent interviews with the nation’s leading media outlets.
 Among his EPA accomplishments was the establishment of a national goal for recycling 25% of the country’s municipal solid wastes, which was reached in 1995. A joint EPA-state mechanism was developed to remediate federal facilities such as nuclear weapons sites. Statutory deadlines were also met for permitting numerous RCRA facilities and establishment of some 3,000 local emergency planning programs. He also directed the national toxics release inventory and the underground storage tank program.
Dr. Porter was previously with the Bechtel engineering and construction organization, where he managed the environmental department, and later directed the master plan for the $30 billion Jubail Industrial City in Saudi Arabia. He also served as a vice-president of several Bechtel affiliates in the Middle East.
Dr. Porter received his B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and his Ph.D. in the same field from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a registered professional engineer in California, Texas, and Virginia. In 1999, he was named a “distinguished engineering graduate” by the University of Texas at Austin.