Dr. J. Winston Porter is an independent energy and environmental consultant based in Savannah, Georgia. Founded in 1989, his firm offers a range of services designed to assist business and governmental organizations in making technical, marketing, and managerial decisions for today’s competitive environment.

Dr. Porter is the president of the firm and is involved directly in all projects. Utilizing his extensive technical and management experience, he is able to personally develop approaches to a wide range of problem areas. Where additional experience is required, he obtains the specific expertise needed for the issue at hand. This expertise can involve personnel from the client organization as well as various specialists affiliated with Dr. Porter.

In addition to his consulting activities, Dr. Porter also provides “guest manager” and various communication services. In the communications area, Dr. Porter gives speeches, is interviewed by media outlets, and writes newspaper articles about the environment and energy. He has also testified before many Congressional committees.

Prior to starting his firm, Dr. Porter was an assistant administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, with national responsibility for Superfund, RCRA, and other waste management programs.

In the following pages, his consulting and other services, recent projects, and communications activities are described in more detail. Dr. Porter’s professional background is also summarized. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the services which can be provided.