Consulting Services

Dr. Porter’s work activities primarily involve management consulting and strategic planning related to a range of environmental and energy areas: alternative energy resources, urban river restoration, hazardous waste site remediation, municipal solid waste management and recycling, litter measurement and control, global climate change, and agricultural biotechnology. Specific services include:

Environmental Consulting

A wide range of consulting activities are provided, with emphasis on advice to senior managers in dealing with complex problems or projects. The goal is to overview such problems or projects from technical, managerial, regulatory and public relations aspects in order to determine how to get from “point A” to “point B" on the matter in question.

“Guest Manager” Services

As part of the problem solving process, Dr. Porter can provide interim management services for brief time periods in order to organize a project or study activity. This usually involves directing a team of client or other specialists to achieve a specific result.

Focused Problem Solving

As an alternative to meeting facilitation, this activity involves Dr. Porter’s leading an intense one or two day effort to assess the major alternatives for dealing with a specific environmental or other problem. As opposed to facilitation, which can be long on process, the FPS approach emphasizes substance, focus, and decision-making. 

Communications Activities

As an adjunct to his consulting and related activities, Dr. Porter is active in the following areas of communication: 

  • delivery of speeches to a wide variety of audiences
  • preparation of opinion pieces for major newspapers
  • interviews with television, radio, and print outlets 
  • presentation of communications short courses for technical and other professionals