Dr. Porter is a frequent author of Opinion Pieces for both regional and national newspapers on energy and other matters. These Op-ed's are listed below.

The revolt against energy taxes                                                                                            June 5, 2019
The Hill

We import key minerals needed for US defense —                                                              April 24, 2019
The Hill

A strategic electricity reserve makes sense                                                                          April 1, 2019
Morning Consult

Ethanol in gasoline - an environmental and economic problem                                           March 26, 2019
The Hill

Gasoline vehicles still are far ahead of electric ones                                                            March 23, 2019
The Augusta Chronicle

We can’t depend on a few fuels to make electricity                                                             February 15, 2019
Morning Consult

Natural gas is doing far more than renewables to clean our air                                          January 30, 2019
Washington Examiner

Needed - Oil and Gas Atlantic Seismic Surveys                                                                 January 9, 2019

Powering the world: Renewables are still far behind coal and natural gas                        December 19, 2018
The Hill

Wind and solar clash with energy reality                                                                           December 11, 2018
The Hill

J. Winston Porter: Coal still has a big role in producing electricity                                    October 17, 2018
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Colorado has clean, inexpensive shale gas - dont' kill it                                                   September 30, 2018
The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Use shale gas - don't keep it in the ground                                                                      September 12, 2018
The Pueblo Chieftain

Tarriffs can't be good for America's LNG exports                                                             August 30, 2018
Corpus Christi Caller Times

America needs coal and nuclear power for energy diversity                                           June 21, 2018
Rockland County Times

Fracking ban in Sandoval County would hurt state                                                         June 16, 2018
Albuquerque Journal

Let's move on from the corn ethanol fuel mandate                                                       May 10, 2018
The Houston Chronicle

Clean up EPA's inefficient toxic waste program                                                           May 7, 2018
The Hill

Porter Testimony at Superfund Congressional Hearing                                              January 18, 2018
House Committee on Energy and Commerce

Returning Reagan-era principles to EPA                                                                    December 18, 2017
The Hill

"The EPA can fix Superfund"                                                                                    September 27, 2017
The Hill

"Opinion: Gasoline prices after hurricanes - market forces or gouging"                  September 20, 2017
Tallahassee Democrat

"More leeway for ozone regulations needed"                                                          September 17, 2017
The Daily Sentinel

"J. Winston Porter: Offshore Atlantic energy surveys are needed"                          August 7, 2017
The Fayetteville Observer

"Now is not the time to slow down on LNG"                                                            August 1, 2017
Corpus Christi Caller-Times

"Guest View: Lower prices at gas pump no accident"                                            June 27, 2017
Baytown Sun

"Porter: Cleaner coal via carbon capture and storage"                                          June 9, 2017
Casper Star Tribune

"Don't subsidize nuclear, or other energy sources"                                               June 1, 2017
Albany Times Union 

"J. Winston Porter: Coal still has a future, in WV and beyond"                             April 29, 2017
Charleston Gazette-Mail 

"No reason to ban fracking in Florida'"                                                                 April 12, 2017
Ft. Myers News-Press

The Augusta Chronicle

"Porter: What do we lose when nuclear plant closes?"                                                     March 30, 2017
Asbury Park Press

"Commentary: An important new electricity source for Texas"                                     March 9, 2017
Houston Chronicle FuelFix

"Former EPA official to Florida: Don't ban fracking"                                                           February 17, 2017
Orlando Sentinel

"Small nuclear reactors can power clean electric vehicles"                                          February 15, 2017
Morning Consult

"Five Americans in the advancement of nuclear technology"                                      February 14, 2017
The Hill

"Viewpoint:  Repeal ethanol mandate"                                                                                    February 4, 2017
BattleCreek Enquirer

"J.Winston Porter: Pipelines crucial to fulfill our energy needs"                               January 1, 2017
Charleston Gazette-Mail

"Climate battle will be won in labs, not coal fields"                                         November 19, 2016
Knoxville News Sentinel

"J. Winston Porter: Cost-effective clean energy"                                            November 12, 2016
Fayetteville Observer

"Here's the right recipe to make Pa. energy independent:                              October 14, 2016

"Nuclear power should replace much of our coal plants"                            October 4, 2016
The Hill

"Win Porter: Tidewater should lead in small                                                September 25, 2016
The Virginian-Pilot

"We need more energy production, not less"                                              September 14, 2016
The Montgomery Advertiser

"Shale revolution keeps growing"                                                                September 9, 2016
Corpus Christi Caller Times

"The golden age of natural gas"                                                                  August 30, 2016
The Hill

"Ethanol mandate is relic of a different time: Column"                                August 25, 2016
The Clarion-Ledger

"Southern Co. should buy unfinished Bellefonte Nuclear Plant"                 August 25, 2016
Birmingham News

"Porter: Can coal be saved"                                                                        July 30, 2016
Caspar Star Tribune

"Guest Opinion: Keep existing nuclear power plants"                                 July 27, 2016
Fall River Herald News

"J. Winston Porter: Using gas from fracking lowers                                    July 25, 2016
Allentown Morning Call

"Porter: Carbon tax can lead to clean, cost-effective energy"                     July 5, 2016
Houston Chronicle

"Winston Porter: Let market drive electric vehicles"                                     June 14, 2016
BattleCreek Enquirer

"More nuclear power, not less, leads to cleaner air:                                               June 10, 2016
Harrisburg Patriot News

"Methane emissions-latest non-problem for natural gas"                                    June 7, 2016
The Hill

"Let's learn from Germany's energy problems"                                                         June 2, 2016
Montgomery Advertiser

Aiken Standard

"Energy: technology and free markets beat mandates"                                      May 4, 2016
The Hill

"Natural gas is our best resource"                                                                                   April 27, 2016
The Albany Times Union

"Winston Porter: Obama should reverse himself again on offshore oil"                     April 11 2016
The Virginian - Pilot

"The dirty on clearer air"                                                                                      April 8, 2016
Fort Myers Daily News

"The war on fossil fuels, and not just coal"                                                       April 2, 2016
The Minot (ND) Daily News

"The Feds vs. oil, gas and coal"                                                                         February 27, 2016
The Pueblo Chieftain

"Letter to the Editor"                                                                                              February 15, 2016
The Wall Street Journal

"Fed citing better nuclear waste disposal options"                                        February 6, 2016
The Augusta Chronicle

"Porter: Peak oil should be long gone"                                                             February 1, 2016
Caspar Star Tribune

"Winston Porter: Free market natural gas                                                        January 17, 2016
Savannah Morning News

"Subsidized solar energy not the answer"                                                       January 8, 2016
Fort Myers News-Press

"Eliminate credits and level energy playing field"                                                   December 29, 2015
Greenville news

"Clean and market-competitive energy"                                                                      December 14, 2015
The Hill

"No more subsidies for solar energy"                                                                            December 5, 2015
Tallahassee Democrat

"Porter: Mississippi's clean energy"                                                                               November 21, 2015
The Clarion-Ledger

natural gas and nuclear energy: J. Winston Porter"                                    November 5, 2015
The Patriot-News

"Georgia’s increasingly diverse electricity mix"                                            October 29, 2015
Marietta Daily Journal

"Nuclear energy vital component of the future"                                            October 2, 2015
Montgomery Advertiser

"Ozone rule misses the mark"                                                                         September 23, 2015
The Hill

"Saving Illinois from clean power plan"                                                          September 21, 2015
Champaign Illinois News-Gazette

"Clean Power Plan misses its mark"                                                              August 10, 2015
Greenville Online

"Guest perspective: La. heading in right energy direction"                        July 24, 2015
New Orleans City Business

"Porter: Nuclear power key to carbon reduction"                                        July, 2015
The Virginian-Pilot

"More natural gas key to state's economy, environment"                         May, 2015
The Marietta Daily Journal

"Obama's climate fixes promise huge costs, few results"                          April, 2015
The Toledo Blade

Boston Herald

"Renewables need competition, not subsidies"                                         February, 2015
Bakersfield Californian

"Mandated Renewable Energy Not The Answer"                                     November, 2014
Cumberland Times (Maryland)

"More Shale Oil Means Lower Gasoline Prices"                                      October, 2014
The Hill (Washington DC)

"Putin's Achilles Heel - U.S. Natural Gas"                                                 September, 2014
Corpus Christi (TX) Caller

"Ethanol mandate no longer sound policy"                                               September, 2014
Montgomery Advertiser

"Georgia's promising energy future"                                                           August, 2014
Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Natural gas should lead Virginia's energy plans"                                   August, 2014
Loudoun Times Mirror 

"Natural gas reduces carbon emissions"                                                   June, 2014
Fayetteville (NC) Observer 

"How Savannah can help stop Putin"                                                        May, 2014
Savannah Morning News

"Porter: Coal as a Weapon"                                                                         May, 2014
The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot

"Nuclear power helps energy mix"                                                             April, 2014
Albany Times Union

"We need to keep coal in our energy mix"                                              March, 2014
The Morning Call

"It's time to drop the ethanol mandate"                                                   February, 2014
Battle Creek Enquirer

"Nuclear, gas point to the future"                                                             December, 2013
Montgomery Adviser

"The China-Pennsylvania connection"                                                  November, 2013
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"N.M. may be answer for La's nuclear waste disposal"                    November, 2013
Shreveport Times

"Support domestic oil production"                                                      September, 2013
Montgomery Advertiser

"Climate plan has big Stakes for Ohio"                                             August, 2013
The Toledo Blade

"Harpoons to "Fracking": Free Market Energy Works"                  August, 2013
New Bedford Standard-Times

"Fracking is key to a better energy future"                                        July, 2013
Battle Creek Enquirer

"Lets admit the ethanol mistake"                                                        June, 2013      
Savannah Morning News
"Unleash power of free market"                                                          June, 2013    
Montgomery Adviser

"The case is clear: Keystone needed"                                                May, 2013                            
Great Falls Tribune

"America's global shale power"                                                           March, 2013                                           
Washington Times

"Fresno ready for oil boom"                                                                 February, 2013                                                             
Fresno Bee

"Michigan's energy future"                                                                   January, 2013                                                            
Detroit News
"Fracking plays a key role in bright energy future"                          October, 2012      
Colorado Tribune

"Gas is taking market share in power plants"                                  September, 2012
Charleston WV Daily Mail

"Exporting LNG will benefit Georgia"                                                 July, 2012
Savannah Morning News                                                           

"America's energy future"                                                                    June, 2012                                                      
The Birmingham News

"Savannah should embrace LNG exports"                                        May, 2012
Savannah Morning News                                 

"A nuclear option for water"                                                                  September, 2010                                                  
Roanoke Times

"Global warming the science is not settled"                                   May, 2009                         
Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Bigger is not always better  in engineering education"                    August, 2008        
Indianapolis Star
"For zero risk, high energy prices"                                                        August, 2008                                            
Roanoke Times

"Uranium mining has to be an option"                                                 March, 2008
Lynchburg Press

"We need more oil refineries"                                                               November, 2005
Daily Press, Newport News, Virginia   

"Kerry's Convoluted Approach to the Environment"                        October, 2004
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"A Common Sense Approach to Power Plant Emissions"                         May, 2004

"Wrong Way to Make Polluters Pay"                                                        October, 2003
The Washington Post

"Polluter Tax an Unfair Way to Fund Cleanup"                                         July, 2002
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

"Who Pays At Issue In Superfund Cleanup"                                            June, 2002
Indianapolis Star

"Megatons to Megawatts a Good Deal"                                                  November, 2001
Newport News Daily Press

"Ethanol is the Fuel of a Clean-Air Future"                                            August, 2001
Rockford Register Star 

"Gore Dodges Specifics on Polluters"                                                  October, 2000
Atlanta Journal

"Special and Other Interests"                                                               May, 2000
Austin American Statesman

"EPA Emission Report Card is a Failure"                                             April, 2000
Trenton Times

"Somewhere in Cornfield of Future"                                                     April, 2000
Sunday Omaha World Herald

"Growing Greener, and Smarter"                                                         December, 1999
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Activists Fail to See Good in Biotech Crops"                                       December, 1999
Columbus Dispatch

"Mercury Emission From China Exceed USA"                                     August, 1998
The Virginian-Pilot

"Playing the Game to Meet the 50 Percent Recycling Law"                 April, 1997
The Sacramento Bee

"Too much recycling can be a waste of resources"                              March 9, 1997
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"More Money for Superfund"                                                               October, 1996
The Rocky Mountain News

"Should We Stop Recycling"                                                               September, 1996

The Wall Street Journal Europe

"Let States Clean up Superfund's Mess"                                           February, 1994
The New York Times 

"Trash that  Recycling Plan"                                                              June, 1993
The Wall Street Journal