Representative Projects

Since 1989, Dr. Porter has completed well over a hundred consulting assignments in a wide variety of fields. These activities have ranged from a few days of across-the-table managerial consultation to preparation of technical or strategic reports to short-term “guest- manager” positions. In some cases, Dr. Porter has served in an individual consulting capacity, while in others he has managed teams involving staff from within the client organization or from other professional firms. Sample projects include:

Communication of Energy Alternatives

Currently Dr. Porter is giving speeches related to "America's Energy Future". He discusses the pros and cons of both traditional and renewable energy sources. Much of the data for these talks are summarized in a new booklet titled Energy Facts.

U.S. Department of Energy

Dr. Porter has provided site remediation advice to the DOE and its contractors at Brookhaven National Lab, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Lab, Rocky Flats Plant, Argonne National Lab, Hanford Reservation, and Oak Ridge National Lab, Dr. Porter has also provided RCRA consulting services to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico.

Global Climate Change

Dr. Porter has analyzed scientific, policy, and management aspects of global climate change, and produced an op-ed article on this subject for the Atlanta Journal Constitution in 2009.

Urban River Restoration Initiative

Consulting services have been provided to Dawson & Associates, a Washington, D.C.-based government relations organization, in developing the “urban river restoration initiative,” a program by which the EPA can work with the Army Corps of Engineers and others to restore industrialized rivers.

Center of Excellence for Hazardous  Materials Management

The CEHMM is a research center in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Its objective is research related to management of hazardous (including radioactive) materials. Dr. Porter served a stint as Interim Executive Director for CEHMM.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

Dr. Porter has served as a guest project manager for several of KAB’s litter control and recycling programs. His activities have included development of a “litter index” for measuring litter, a pilot initiative in Houston dealing with litter control, and preparation of a “Recycling in Schools” manual.

Food Service and Related Firms

A range of consulting services has been provided to food service and beverage firms, including consulting advice on materials recycling and reuse, implications of biotech crop use, litter control, and sustainable development.