We have tried to break it down into several options for you based on your needs.
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Naming. If the original name of your Antique or classic boat is no longer available, or just wrong for you. There's a process to renaming your boat,  in fact there are books on how to do that with out pissing of Poseidon.  We can help you make sure that the new name is of the correct vintage  for  your boat. And will give you the correct method of going about it.

Design. Lettering for a Antique & Classic boat is more in depth than just picking a font. In fact many original lettering jobs were done from a personal style of lettering. Fonts are for print. Thus the correct method of lettering and design are by hand. We can cheat that with fonts of today, but in the end the design is done by hand and custom to your job.  Including helping you decide if the name should be in paint or gold, silver leaf.

Application.  We can hand letter, real gold leaf and send it in the mail for you to apply, or we can do real hand lettering on your boat in our shop, or even come to you.  I will even do it with a drink in one hand just to make it more authentic.

Each job is different. The pricing will be different as well.  We are eager to help. Thanks. KK