Welcome To Wino Sign Co.

Over 40 Years Experience Of  Both Hand & Machine Lettering. 

Kaptain Krunch started his life out as Steve Smith, Son of Cal Smith one of Americas leading illustrators of Boats and Airplanes  through out the 40's, 50's, and 60's. After completing a mechanical engineering degree at Bucknell and studying Industrial Design at Cal State, Steve was bitten by the boat bug. For the next few decades he traveled on his Chesapeake schooner " Jolly Roger" with his tasty over educated wife Nauti-Nell ( really). All the while lettering boats and collecting friends and experiences.  The nick name Kaptain Krunch originated with a child who mistook  Steve for the cereal guy, the K's were added to give it a Califorinia edge,  ala his pal George Barris "King of the Kustoms".

Krunch's passion for all things cool has led him to many interesting projects  in set design and fabrication. Lately his enthusiasm for Antique & Classic boats has  introduced him to Matt Smith AKA Woody Boater  where they realized they had different parents together.

 Wino Sign Co,  is based on the anecdotal history that most of the letterers back in the day were most likely heavy drinkers while they worked. Matt and Krunch are combining forces with Matt's sensitivaty to historical design and Krunches 40 years of experience to create Wino Sign Co.  Who's misson is to help you come up with a correct name and matching design for your Antique & Classic Boat.