A likely story and probably true.


check out my interactive art piece:


... played with by guests of The Fuse Factory Ignition 2.0 at Junctionview Studios, Columbus, OH

on April 18th and 19th, 2009...

now on with the rest of this stuff i need to organize some day... ~~~ :D ~~~

ughhh... my worlds are colliding it seems... too many people that shouldn't know of each other on the various internets i'm in...

... currently working on three pieces for The Fuse Factory show at Junctionview Studios, on Williams there off of Northwest April 18th - 19th, 2009

Spring is here! It is getting warmer! Soon I'll be hibernating inside 'cause it is too hot out instead of too cold.

check out the Innovation Showcase at COSI, Columbus, Ohio, USA

I was fortunate to have some code in a new permanent exhibit at COSI, check it out! It is the balance plate.

... new orleans was a total blast at the end of February, and i was up to some other things at the beginning of this year:

here is a yahoo pipes setup for getting a list of the active COTA buses in Columbus, Ohio, USA

hacked up a python-like javascript interpreter for the iphone...

in late 2008 it was 2dcur a multitouch computer interface project. currently there are libraries for python (developed earlier) and (now) the lily programming languages. read about it all here, here, and here.

visit the outcome of the startup weekend group I was a part of: http://doodle4noodle.appspot.com/

july 2008!!! visit The 270 Rule for anonymous microblogging about Columbus, Ohio. (i revisted this here in early 2009 to open it up to all sites, heavily inspired by shiftspace)

also early July 2008 and it was all about impromptu processing in the browser, based on mochikit and processing.js

june brought 2dcur, a multitouch project for python, and the 2008 Comfest Schedule in Google Calendar and iCal format.

check out La vie comme l'autobus, a data visualization program for Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) buses, for Ignition 1.0 at Easton for The Fuse Factory...

2008 began with some maps of theoretical Columbus, Ohio, and some original digital music

unmediated (watching closely)

who needs another link blog, there, waxy?

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