Thomas Michael Winningham

recent projects:


Flying occasionally, and I continue hacking on things. :D I took some time to focus on myself and take care of various things. Maybe more to come in 2016!


Been busy flying occasionally, and hacking on things.

Created a plugin for Twine called Full Screen YouTube that allows you to put videos in the background of your interactive story passages. You can view a sample story I put together about myself over at the Tilde Club.

On September 29th, I completed my practical exam and received my Sport Pilot License with the New Flyers Association in the Flight Design CTLS. Just over a year of weekend lessons and practice! Here is a video I made of a complete flight from just after pre-flight checks to just after landing:

The camera used is the Mobius Actioncam.

I applied for, and received, a new Amateur Radio callsign: W8KV .. a vanity callsign which was previously owned by a WWII veteran who affected a lot of people in positive ways.

My first completely solo trip happened on Memorial Day and you can view a visualization of that flight, while my first ever solo happened in March in N178CT, and a visualization of that flight is also available.

I Created a web application for controlling the RTL-SDR dongles to receive miscellaneous radio signals, and presented this at PyOhio on June 26-27th.

Here's an animated screenshot:

And here is a video of the talk at PyOhio, discussing using a bare minimum of C code with Python:


Been learning a new job, and messing with Amateur Radio, I also supported the Hack RF Project.

Check out polybius ... a python based feed reader that uses Git for storage. "It works for me!"

I've updated my GitHub hosted page with a three.js that visualizes some ADS-B data I recorded over the air. Here is the script that I wrote to collect this data from the dump1090 software.

I've started flying with the New Flyers Association out of Don Scott Field.


I gave a talk at PyOhio 2012 which was wonderfully recorded and placed on YouTube about using Python to do video with sequences of images.

@CarveIt is a Twitter account that you direct message and it carves what you typed into stone or many other materials at Shapeways. It also supports LaTeX math.

rosettamesh helps you move your 3D models around in memory using various libraries in Processing and Clojure.


Produced a video showing a one-liner on a Commodore 64, which was featured in an article on Slate.

Declarie - a data consultancy in Columbus, Ohio:
  • First Android App Release: Edgy - a GraphViz based graph theory notepad for your phone or tablet


Video analysis of forum activity for the year 2009.

Additionally this video was the end product of some research on using Processing on Amazon EC2

(no longer working, sorries!)
Analytical View of Real Time Bus Data Using Faceted Lists
utilizes the MIT SIMILE project's Exhibit Semantic Web browser
also see a more iPhone and iPod Touch compatible version, with small maps for each bus