and other things.
Find something you like that I have designed or have me custom-make something for you.
I only charge for material and laser work.  There is no charge for my design work!

I have "breed" signs and leash holders that are made by cutting them with a laser machine.  The machine burns the shapes in metal or wood.  

Prices start at $20.00 for some of the miscellaneous signs and range up to $55 for lawn signs.  Leash holders and Unique signs and some of the miscellaneous items run from $30 to $50.
Signs are made from  14 or 16 gauge cold rolled steel  or from vintage re-claimed old barn and farm wood.

Check out the various breeds of dogs available and some of the "generic dog" leash holders.

New breeds are designed periodically and are available when posted on the site.

Please note that each wood sign is unique as the wood is aged and weathered differently.

I (Winnie) am busy coming up with new ideas all the time and am open to new ideas.  
If you have something you think I can make out of wood or metal, feel free to contact me to discuss it.  I love to work on making new things!   winnieb2002@gmail.com

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Profits are donated to Animal Placement Bureau to help pay the medical bills of the rescued dogs.
You can visit their webpage at: