The Winnie Bs” Special Interest Group will work to promote a sense of community
amongst Wiinnebago Class B owners. That includes creating a presence for Class B owners at
GNR as well as smaller Class B rallies and meet-ups around the nation.

        Welcome to the Winnie Bs,  a robust community of Era, Paseo, Travato, and Revel owners who like nothing better than talking about their rigs, asking and answering remarkably complex technical questions, describing travel adventures and locales, discussing dealers and repair shops, exchanging recipes and decorating ideas, recommending modifications and, my personal favorite, storage hacks.  So, a handful of volunteers has worked to put together a slate of officers and a charter application to WIT to create our own chapter dedicated to the network and needs of owners of Winnebago’s Touring Class of RVs, the Class Bs. We have been approved!

       For those of you attending GNR, you can designate the Winnie Bs row where the Class Bs will be 'buzzing' with activity for our particular type of “camping”; touring, exploring, adventuring. We are restless travelers, always on the go.

       You must be a member of WIT to join the Winnie B’s. The Winnie B’s also have membership dues of $10.00.  Just complete our Winnie B Registration Form and enter your WIT Club Membership Number. You may then pay your Winnie B’s dues by check or PayPal.

       If you don’t have a WIT Club Registration Number, you can get one by registering for the national club To register for the national WIT Club, CLICK HERE​.  WIT Club Membership ($39.99/year or $99.99 for three years) includes:

● a full year (6 issues) of WIT Club News
● a durable metal license plate and member identification card
● access to social activities and adventures
● and a variety of discounts