Issues Background / History

In the interest of context, below you'll find a list of issues and pages that on topics and issues that we've made statements about on this website in the past. Instead of just nuking them, we thought they might provide 'bread crumbs" to how we got where we are now.



Energy and the Environment

Open, Honest and Accountable Government

The Economy

Wall Street Reform

1. Enact the Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) legislation.

Almost any change is much more difficult until campaign financing is reformed.

2. Universal health care for everyone. NO ONE left behind.

3. Withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq AND Afghanistan.

4. Protect our quality of life, our environment, and control rising energy costs.

Reduce the total consumption of energy, replace greenhouse gas generating energy sources, and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by plant and animal husbandry practices.

5. Classify CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) as industrial operations.

This would mean they would be required to abide by zoning, environmental, and workplace laws as regulated by local and state zoning ordinances, the EPA and OSHA.