2017 Winn-Dems Caucus

Flag of Iowa

Iowa has national notoriety for its caucuses in presidential election years. Caucus goers select a favored candidate in these first in the nation caucuses. But caucuses have other purposes, and Iowa Democrats hold caucuses every year in every county. Winneshiek County Democrats will hold their caucus on Thursday, March 30
th, 7:30 PM at the UCC Fellowship Hall. All local Democrats are invited to help elect party leaders and influence the platform.
The Central Committee will meet beforehand at 6:30 with its usual agenda. The caucus will begin with elections to fill any vacant precinct committee spots. The platform, which was approved at the 2016 County Convention, will be discussed and people can offer amendments to add to, subtract from, or improve a plank. People may view the platform at the website, winn-dems.organd, copies will be available at the meeting. The caucus attendees will also select two or three goals for the remainder of 2017.
Following the close of the caucus, the new Central Committee members will hold a brief organizational meeting to elect County officers. Democrats are welcome at both the Central Committee meeting and the caucus, or just the caucus. Current County Chairperson Matt Tapscott stated, “We look forward to broad participation and a valuable discussion. America’s democracy is strong when there is grass roots sharing.”