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St. Pat's Day Gathering

Amy Finkenauer
What are Democratic legislators doing to offset the onslaught of Republicans pursuing an agenda that harms most Iowans including: workers, farmers, teachers, and small business owners? Come and hear a Dubuque legislator firsthand on Sunday, March 19 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at 218 Water St. for a discussion of this issue. 

Abby Finkenauer, Representative from District 99, will join Winneshiek County Democrats at their annual St Patrick’s Day Party. The event will feature both serious topics with Abby and also fun times with Irish music and good food and drink. 

Abby is a 28 year old legislator who has been elected both in 2014 and 2016. She serves on several committees: Economic Growth, Labor, Transportation, and Ways and Means. Representative Finkenauer is a strong supporter of families and workers as evidenced by two bills for which she has joined sponsorship: minimum wage increase and income eligibility for child care. 

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Voter suppression. Vouchers for homeschools. Massive corporate tax breaks. Limiting & reducing health care for women. Ending Iowa’s collective bargaining law.


In support of our constitution, our neighbors and refugees everywhere

Rally for Refugees

Tuesday Jan. 31, 5:30 P.M

Water Street Park (next to the Coop): Moved to Courthouse with 600+ attending

Decorah, Iowa

This is a non-partisan, peaceful protest. We hope all Americans will stand for the Rule of Law in opposition of this unconstitutional and un-American act coming out of the Trump White House. Yes, the Executive Order has been Stayed by a Federal Judge - but our message remains clear: "You Are Welcome Here!"

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty" T. Jefferson

We feel strongly that we must show our international friends and neighbors, near and far - "You Are Welcome Here!"

Please pass the word to your contacts and encourage participation.

Contacts:  Matt Tapscott or  Nathan Thompson 


Winn Dems and Friends Meet

Winneshiek County Democrats hosted a meeting on Thursday, January 26th for people interested in progressive issues. Forty people from around the county participated in a conversation about strategies to advance progressive values locally, statewide and nationally. Topics discussed included information about contacting legislators and sources of social media. For further information, contact County Chair Matt Tapscott at (563)387-7413 or go to our Office Holders Directory.

Grand Opening Slideshow

Grand Opening
Winneshiek County Democrats held a grand opening of their headquarters at 218 W Water St (formerly the Sports Shop) on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

Three candidates greeted voters: Jan Heikes, candidate for Senate District 28; Steve McCargar and Pat Ritter, Candidates for House District 55.

“A great turnout was made even better with great energy at the Grand Opening of the Winn-Dems County Office. Thanks to all who set-it up, came to celebrate and who made 'your' Party office possible!” stated Matt Tapscott, Winneshiek County Democratic Chair.

Winn Co Convention 20162016 Winneshiek County Democratic Convention
One hundred twenty-five delegates gathered for the Democratic County Convention on March 12th at the Senior Center in Decorah. They elected six Sanders delegates and five Clinton delegates to represent Democrats at both the District 1 and State conventions. 

They also approved a platform of issues to support and heard messages from several candidates: Jan Hiekes, Senate District 28; Steve Mc Cargar, House District 55; Pat Ritter, House District 55, and Mark Kuhn, Supervisor District 5. See more pictures of the day...

ST PATRICK’S DAY EVENT 20Winneshiek County Democrats heard remarks by several candidates at their annual St Patrick’s Day Party on Sunday, March 13th at 4:00 PM at 803 Linden St. Democrats enjoyed appetizers, desserts, and green punch and listen to Irish music performed by Ginger Meyette. Remarks were made by several candidates:

2014-15 County Platform
Along with the Winn-Dems' Statement of Principals. Read it here!

Winn-Dems Caucus!

Heavy Voter Turn-out
Caucus Crowd 2016

Winneshiek County Democrats had a near record turnout for the February 1, 2016 Caucus. 1685 people of all ages attended the caucuses and elected delegates to the County Convention: 70 preferring Sanders and 55 for Clinton. The county convention will be held Saturday, March 12th at 9:00 AM at the Decorah Senior Center, 806 River St. Planning  for the convention will be Saturday, February 6th at 9:00 AM at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 701 Iowa Ave.

Democrats' Caucus Preparation

Winn-Dem Caucus volunteers brave cold weather to do some Caucus packet review, readying for our Feb. 1, 2016 Caucus. Thanks for your work!