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How will the new Voter ID law affect Democrats' Get Out the Vote efforts? When will the law go into effect? 

These and other questions will be answered by Winneshiek County Auditor Ben Steines on Thursday, April 27th at 6:30 PM at the UCC Church, 209 W Broadway. 

All interested Democrats are welcome to attend. The Central Committee meeting will follow at 7:15 and everyone is invited to stay if they wish. Topics to be discussed include plans for the county Fair Booth and parades. 

2017 Winneshiek County Caucus

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Iowa has national notoriety for its caucuses in presidential election years. Caucus goers select a favored candidate in these first in the nation caucuses. But caucuses have other purposes, and Iowa Democrats hold caucuses every year in every county. Winneshiek County Democrats held their caucus on Thursday, March 30th, 7:30 PM at the UCC Fellowship Hall. 
The platform, which was approved at the 2016 County Convention, was discussed and people offered amendments to add to, subtract from, or improve a plank. People may view the platform here
Following the close of the caucus, the new Central Committee members held a brief organizational meeting to elect County officers. Elected were Matt Tapscott, Chairperson; Nathan Thompson, Vice- Chairperson; Boyd Wasson, Treasurer; Carl Haakenstad, Recording Secretary; and Barb Dale, Correspondence Secretary.

New Winneshiek County Committee Members 2017

John Lof, Alex Sekora, and Matt Anderson, all of Luther College; Sonja Sola, Decorah, and Clara Muggli-Toyloy, Freeport, were elected as new Central Committee members.

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Voter suppression. Vouchers for homeschools. Massive corporate tax breaks. Limiting & reducing health care for women. Ending Iowa’s collective bargaining law.


In support of our constitution, our neighbors and refugees everywhere

Rally for Refugees

Tuesday Jan. 31, 5:30 P.M

Water Street Park (next to the Coop): Moved to Courthouse with 600+ attending

Decorah, Iowa

2014-15 County Platform
Along with the Winn-Dems' Statement of Principals. Read it here!

Winn-Dems Caucus!