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Play Types & Instructions

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There are many play types in Winner.  Most match up with what you see in Poker - Singles, Pairs, Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Straight, Straight Flush, and Full House.  Others are unique to winner, such as Pair Straight and Pair Straight Flush.  Let's go over the general types of valid play.

The most simple play type is the Single.  You can beat any Single with a higher single card.  The Two of Spades is the highest Single, so nothing beats it.  Since Diamonds is the lowest Suit, any card will beat the 3 of Diamonds played in the image above.  After each computer has taken their turn, the last play was the 7 of Hearts.  You must now choose to beat it or pass.

Your 7 of Diamonds is lower than the 7 of Hearts, so if you try to play it, you will get the Invalid Play card.  The cards are ordered Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, Spades in increasing value.

You can choose to play your 7 of Spades, but that would break up your 5,6,7,8 of Spades Straight Flush (which might be useful later on).  In this case, your best play would probably be to pass, since all of your higher cards are paired off.  Either select the 7 of Spades again to lower it, or press the Clear button so you will be able to pass.

The computer has played a Full House, with Kings as the Triple.  Even though you have a Full House using your Three 5s and any one of your pairs, you can't beat the current play, because your triple (5s) is lower than the Kings on the table.

The Computer sitting across from you, Player 3, has led off with a Pair.  We can beat it with our Pair of Aces, which might give us control of the board.

Dang!  Player 4 beat our Aces with a Pair of his own.  Since his Pair has the Spades, it is higher than our Pair.  Looks like he will take control of the board.

Player 4 led off with a straight.  It looks like our Flush will come in handy, after all.  We will break it up into a Three Card Straight, which will leave us with a Full House, a Single, and will likely give us control of the board.  In order for anyone to beat our Straight Flush, they would have to play a higher Straight Flush, and player 2 is the only one who has enough cards.  I think we are going to win! 

Yep!  We won!  After we went out with the 7 of Clubs, the other players must still choose to play on it, or pass.  If everyone passes, the board is cleared and the next Clockwise player is given control of the board.

 Here is an example of a Pair Straight.  This one can be beaten by a higher Pair Straight (including one that ends with the Queen of Spades), or a Pair Straight Flush, where all cards are of the same two suits.

Here we are about to play a wraparound Straight.  The Ace may be used high or low, but the Two is considered low for Straights.  An Ace, Two, Three Straight would lower than a Two, Three, Four straight, and so on.  King, Ace, Two Straights are not allowed.


Winner Poker Card Game v1.02 has been released!  Download Winner Poker!

Winner.exe requires Microsoft's .NET framework v2.0.  The .NET framework is a 22MB download if you don't have it already installed.  Winner will automatically install it for you, or you can get it at Microsoft's page.

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