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Winner is a new Poker card game.  If you would like to download a copy of Winner to play against your computer, visit the Download page.  Winner doesn't contain any adware or spyware and is completely safe. 

Winner v1.02 was developed by Small Time Software.  Visit their site at

About Winner

Winner is played with a standard deck and 4 players, each holding 13 cards.  The challenge is to be the first player to play all their cards and become the Winner.  After each hand, the Winner exchanges any card to the loser of the last round in exchange for the loser's highest card.

The deck is rated 3-A, 2, and in increasing strength: Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, Spades.  So the lowest card is the Three of Diamonds, and the highest card is the Two of Spades.  More detailed play instructions can be found here.

Gameplay flows clockwise, and on the first hand the player with the Three of Diamonds plays first.

You can also read more about Winner on wikipedia.

When the game first starts, press the DEAL button to begin.


In this case, Player 2 (a computer player) had the 3 of Diamonds, so it plays first.  Player 2 has led off with a 5 card straight.  Player 3 and Player 4 have chosen to pass, so it is now up to you to decide what to do.  You are able to beat the current play with the selected cards shown, or you may choose to pass.  In order to pass, clear the selected cards and the Play button will change to Pass.


There are many different types of plays in winner.  The playtypes include 3 or more sequential cards (straights),  straights of all the same suit (straight flush), singles, pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, pair straights (ex. 334455) and as shown above, full house (three of a kind and a pair).  In order for a full house to be beaten, the three of a kind has to be higher than what is currently played, the pair doesn't matter.


If you attempt to play an invalid play, the game will let you know by showing the "invalid play" card, and it will reset your current play.

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Winner Card Game v1.02 has been released!  Download Winner!

Winner.exe requires Microsoft's .NET framework v2.0.  The .NET framework is a 22MB download if you don't have it already installed.  Winner will automatically install it for you, or you can get it at Microsoft's page.

See the Winner Card Game wikipedia page