Welcome to the Winnemucca Dust Devils (NV-10).
About us
This is an "action pistol" shooting club.  A match consists of several courses of fire intended to test the shooter's ability to shoot quickly and accurately.  Scores are calculated by dividing the points scored by the time it took to earn those points.  At the smaller club matches(like ours) the shooting game is about improving your techniques, your classification, and having fun.  For those who desire more intense competition, there are regional and national tournaments which draw some of the best pistol shooters in the world. 
Our club is affiliated with the U.S. Practical Shooting Association(USPSA).  For more information, go to www.uspsa.org .
We shoot first Saturday of each month.  Start time is 10:00am, set-up begins at 9:00am.
Safe, fun shooting for the entire family.
Required equipment:
    1)  Eye protection
    2)  Hearing protection
    3)  A holster that covers the trigger guard
    4)  Magazine pouches
    5)  Handgun(.38 caliber or 9mm are the minimum power allowed)
    6)  Magazines/Speedloaders/Moonclips (as appropriate)
    7)  100 to 150 rounds of ammunition
(For more details, see USPSA Rule book at www.uspsa.org/uspsa-rules.php )