We are looking for officers, project managers and members for 2014-2015 school year. Please come to a PTA meeting for more details!!

Remember to collect your Trash for Cash!!
Trash 4 Cash Details

We have been very successful with our Trash 4 Cash program and it’s one of those very easy ways to help out. Below is a list of the items to save and we collect at school.

 ü  Box Tops~ Each General Mills Box Tops is worth $.10.

ü  Campbell’s Soup Labels~ We need the “Labels for Education” and the UPC.

ü  Milk Moola/Donuts to Dough~ These items are available at Kwik Trip. Save either Nature’s Touch products or Glazer’s price oval.

ü  Kemp’s/Morning Glory/Golden Guernsey~ All we need is your milk caps!

ü  Toner Cartridges~ Instead of tossing them bring them to us!This year we will have the following fundraisers: 

    Fall:  Magazine Sale, Book Fair 11/14-11/22
    Winter: Cookie Dough Sale
    Spring: Book Fair, Art to Remember
    Year Round: Chip Shoppe, Spirit Sale, Trash 4 Cash(see details above)


Christmas Shoppe
Chili/Bingo Night
Spring Assembly
Fall and Spring Book Fair
Cool Treat on Fridays (50 cents)

Our Mission

To create a community with all families,
teachers, administrators and staff;

To bring enthusiasm and support to the
classrooms to help our school continue to be
an exceptional learning environment;

To provide family-friendly activities &
events and support & camaraderie to fellow parents.