I love my car, but I won't lie to you, it costs too much for me to run at the moment. This is because it goes like a scalded cat.


I am offering you the chance to win my car in a competition.


My car is a black R registration Mk3 golf GTi. It had one very careful owner who serviced it regularly before I bought it, and in fairness, I might not have treated it as well as it deserves since I got my hands on it roughly 4 years ago. That said, it is MOT'd until November 2011 and will be road taxed to November as well, and had actually been serviced during the period I've had it - just not annually.


It is old, but still pretty and would probably fetch me around £500 if I were to sell it. Unfortunately, doing this would leave me with no car so I need to raise funds to buy my next one. This is where you come in - I am running a competition which costs £2.50 to enter. Once I have received 1000 entries I will choose a winner and they will get a £500 car in return for their £2.50 investment.


I know traditionally this would be done for charity, but this definitely isn't for charity - it's just a chance for you to win my car so that I can buy another one that doesn't cost so much to run, but also won't be as pretty, or fast, or fun....


I will probably cry when I hand you the V5, but needs must.


To enter - transfer £2.50 to my paypal account.  I will then invite you as a member  of the facebook group 'Win My Car!' so that you can  post a message on the wall explaining why you want/deserve my car. You can be honest, or tell me lies in the interests of humour.


I will then open the facebook page up to a x-factor stylee public vote, and winner will be the person with the most 'likes' on their post one week after I reach the 1000 entries target.

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