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As mention on the page, About the Mykytowychs, the Mykytowychs' rally car is offically name the Blue Roo!!

Blue Roo Details

Model: Holden FC sedan

Year: 1958

Departed Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: 19 April 2007

Can read more details published by the Australian Classic Car Magazine at About the Mykytowychs

Let Andrew tell you about what has been done...

Photo can been see in The Gallery under The Blue Roo Preparations
The Blue Roo was totally stripped of inside components (seats, dash, electrics etc) as was the entire original boot layout, the engine bay, the front and rear suspension components, the gearbox and drive shaft, the rear axel, the exhaust system and all wheels and brake components.
New floor pans were put into the drivers and passengers footwells, and the boot area modified to accommodate a newly fabricated 125L fuel tank, as well as storage panniers either side of tank and extending below tank to ensure that the tank is not ruptured when crossing ruts and rivers.
The engine was rebuilt (3 times) and performs effortlessly now - the only modification to the original motor was for it to be tuned to a compression ratio of 7.5:1 to take bad fuel and a re-profiled camshaft for better low end torque.  The engine now gives 64HP at the rear wheels.
The electrics were totally redone from scratch - ensuring that everything is waterproof and runs inside the car - not under it.  Two batteries are installed, numerous engine gauges, electric wipers, numerous 12V power outlets throughout the car and dual controls inside the car/dashboard to ensure both driver and navigator can operate individually.
The front suspension has been fully reinforced and strengthened (as with the rest of the car's floorpan and chassis - these have been FULLY seam welded and reinforced to increase the rigidity and strength of the car.  New front springs (uprated) and the original brake drums have been added.  A new steering box has been installed also.
The differential has been swapped for that out of a Holden Torana - same final drive ratio, but the half-shaft axels are fine-splined (rather than FC coarse splines) for durability and longevity.  The rear drum brakes are also from a Torana.
The gearbox has been moved from the steering column "three on the tree" to the floor - with synchromesh on first and a Holden 1-Tonner clutch.
Rear springs were initially up-rated with an additional leaf, however after trialling it was shown to be insufficient, so new rear spring packs were manufactured to account for the weight and ride height / clearance.
The brake and fuel lines run inside the cabin of the car, so to are 4 additional spare wheels and tyres mounted where the back seat used to be.  A roll cage has been installed as well as front bucket seats from a Toyota Soarer.  The original rear window Venetians blinds are also retained.
The exhaust system is routed in such a way as to be as close to the floorpan as possible and this exits behind the navigator under the rear passenger door.  The car is now Qld Plated as a 2 person vehicle only.
A fire extinguisher has been fitted inside the cabin, as to a full comprehensive first aid kit.  A Terra-Trip 202 tripmeter has been added to compliment the Garmin GPS navigation system.  A satellite phone is also being taken.
A full compliment of spare parts is being taken on the rally - all electrical items which could fail, a spare distributor, water pump, fuel pump and carburettor is also added.  Mechanical spares include all components for front and rear brakes, spare half-shafts, a full spring assembly for the rear, spare shock absorbers and complete wheel/suspension parts to fix both a front and/or rear corner.
Spot lights and a fog light has been added to the front of the car, whilst a single rear fog light brings up the rear - this is two-fold as a reversing light an as a hi-vis tail light for when the car is being followed in dusty conditions.
A small roof-mounted luggage pod has been a final inclusion / addition for camping equipment and clothing.  This may not look the part of a rally cars equipment but it ensures that internal rear visibility is clean and that no loose objects are in the cabin in the event of a possible roll-over.
What do you think? Are the Mykytowychs prepared???