Mykytowych's Recent Business

This is what the Mykytowychs have been up to lately... well in the last week or so... or should I say it has moved to a new location...


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Mykytowych's Recent Business

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Recent Business has now been relocated...

Apologies to those who use to go to this page for the latest rally update for the Mykytowychs..  It was getting difficult to run both the blog and this page together, especially when all the stuff are the same…


Therefore, in order to keep this website small.. please refer to the blog site for all of the latest new on the Mykytowych and their rally.


Again, I apologise for any inconvenience caused, but I believe you would enjoy the blog page more as it is more illustrated and all are welcome to make comments on their daily business! =)


The Blog address...


Thank you for your patience and understanding!