About the Mykytowychs

This is about the team that is going on to the rally...


About the Mykytowychs

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The 2007 Peking to Paris Rally

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The Mykytowych team is a father and son team which consists of

  • Dad... Bohodar (Mick) and

  • Son... Andrew

Both are lovers of cars and are keen for adventure.

The two have been making plans and doing preparation work for this rally for the last 3 years... well, basically since Andrew found out about the rally and asked if his dad was interested.

As Australians, they are keen to enter the rally with an Australian car... A 1958 Holden FC which we all gets to see in its finery at the gallery.

The Holden FC is offically named by the two as the Blue Roo!!!

Like all wife/mother, Mrs. Leisa Mykytowcyh provided a lot of "behind the scene" support in order for her husband and her son to persue their dreams.

She will see them off in Beijing and will rejoin them later on in Paris.

Here is an artical from the Australian Classic Car Magazine (May Edition 2007) for you to read.

TV / Movie Stars in the making?!...

Oh! A book will be published by Veloce later this year for all three Peking to Paris events. It will cover all the highs, the lows, the cars and of course, the personalities. The book will also include full results and of course stunning photography.

And to top that of, there will be a 13-part TV series on this event, but it is not known if this will be broadcast in Australia. The Mykytowychs has been provided with a Sony Camcorder by the film crew to record their journey!


You know what?! Bohodar, Andrew and the Blue Roo will be a movie/TV start!!!


Knowing Andrew… let just hope the series would not be full of “beeps” =P


Haha =D