My Attempt at Poetry

I was going through a tough time in my life.  I don't know why but I thought that writing down things would help.  I started writing down thoughts and concepts and for some reason I thought about making a poem out of it.  I've never liked poetry.  I always found it boring with the exception of some of the works of Robert Frost (Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening).

Once I started putting the thoughts together, I felt like I was making "art."  It was actually really fun to do!  I found it liberating from the emotions that I was in at the time.  

I read the poem to some family members and they said that they related to it and that I should share it.  So, here it is.

This place is so familiar
It was a distant memory
I thought I'd locked it away
It escaped and imprisoned me

I ask a God that refuses to answer
To let me find peace where I am 
To appreciate the gifts I have
And the wisdom to understand

It seems we are designed with a flaw
Our logic is overruled by passion
We reach for things we cannot have
There is no cure for this condition

I wrote another one.  This is my second poem.  I have always been inspired by the changes that occur in the Fall.  It makes me think about how life comes and goes.  I also ponder death a lot.  I know that sounds morbid and negative, but it is a fact that we will all die someday.  I am a realist and I have a tendency to try to mentally resolve all the possibilities of life and choices we make in life.  I guess, in order to make our own mortality seem acceptable, I wrote this poem.

Life Cycle
It's getting cooler now
summer is giving way to autumn and
There are changes in the air

In a fleeting flash of color
The leaves cry for our pity 
as they fall from their makers

The withering grasses drop their seeds
And the trees give up their fruit 
to the soil which gave them life

It seems sad to see the  
trees and grasses go silent
in yearly cycle of sacrifice

But all is not lost
It is only a brief sleep
A respite from a summer's work

The trees and grasses must trust
that the mother earth will 
give back what she has taken

Even as we are returned to the earth
We can find peace that our lives
are not lost forever