HG Pictures 2005

Bill Vickery leads the way on New Years Day 2005

Feb 7. Linda and I about to launch into nasty air from the old Bristol launch

Linda goes first

Linda's dog looks longingly to the LZ

I wait for a calmer cycle

I'm off

Getting ready for my first rigid wing flight

A hang glider view of the corn maze

Joel Spano getting his stuff ready

Linda on the cart ready to go and Dave Perrin not far behind

Joel Spano takes my son Matt on his first flight

Matt gets to take control for a few minutes

The rest of the pics are from my trip to
Wallaby Ranch in December 2005

Marty and I chillin' poolside

Marty takes care of his hygiene

We download the day's tracklogs and Marty gets a bit too personal

The weather is crap so we visit Fantasy of Flight

Mary waves to the camera whilst I model my maternity clothes

A couple of locals chillin' by the dumpster

Marty knows how to get the wet wood going

Balloonists drop in early in the AM