HG Pictures 2004

Day 1 with my new U2 160. I couldn't wait to fly my new baby!

Hammondsport on 5/28/2004

Ron Letzin has a sweet launch

I launch next

Breaking down after a nice two hour flight and a good top landing

Hammondsport on 5/29/2004

My mentor Jack Slocum setting up for an epic day

Dan Walter and Ron Letzin waiting for it to turn on

Ron gets a few hundred over pretty quickly

Ron Letzin packs it up

Joel, me, Mark and Jack

Just a broken elbow/arm. No big deal :-)

My wife Sarah takes her maiden flight in the capable hands of Mark Frutiger

My little Lizzy hanging out in the gazebo

Bob Grant getting towed up

Look at that form!!!! Nice!!!

Jack gets silly

Sweet landing just outside the bulls eye!

Jaimie preparing to break those carbon fibre down tubes

Steve winds up the tug pilot

I suddenly find myself soaking wet. The cart almost got yanked out of my hands.

Matt and Ricky having a blast retrieving

Rhett and I prepare to go

Marty gets my straightened out

Up and away

Winners at the 2004 fly-in