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Welcome to a new test page for Wingers Web .Co .Uk v2.

This site has been created using Google Sites to trial some of its new features.This is a working process and is subject to change during expansion.

  • Main Features - Revised

After reviewing the old website it appears that I have initially attempted to cover too many areas which meant it became impossible to keep every aspect of the site up todate with only me to write the articles.

Instead, I have decided to mainly focus the website on Technology for the Average Family.

I believe the "average family" will walk in to a "PC World", a "Comet", a "Currys", a "Dixons" or a number of other high street stores requesting a new PC for the family or a new home entertainment system and it is my belief that 75% of customers are being sold products they will never use and over charged for something that they could find online or through another retailer with nearly a third off the price.

I have also noticed that, alsothough I do enjoy writing reviews for gaming consoles, the latest in Kinect Technology and games etc. That there are already a thousand other websites that already do this. I would prefer to contribute something that isn't already being done.

I am not saying this is a completely original idea but I am hoping to create a user friendly site to assist people who are looking to make an informed decision on electrical purchases and so far, these kinds of websites appear to be in short supply (or have been written by the likes of big chain retailer stores).


  • Site News

  • The layout will potentially go through various changes and different configurations in the forthcoming months.

  • Quick Reference Guide

  • Average Family - The Average Family consisting off 2 Adults and 2 Children. In most examples this will refer the children as being: 1 x Teenager (13 - 19) and 1 x Pre-Teenager ( < 13).
  • HD - High Definition.
  • Home Entertainment Centre - A home cinema system for the living room including: big screen TV, surround sound speak system, DVD/Blu-Ray player and the use of High Definition equipment.

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