What to Expect

We believe Wing Chun would be beneficial to anyone willing to learn.

In the often "too short" time in classes we try to balance fitness training, muscle toning, technique learning / practice, relaxation and reaction training, using traditional Wing Chun methods.

What to Bring

A bottle of water, even in winter. You should dress comfortable with room to move your legs. We generally wear black or dark pants and shirts if you feel like colour matching. Finding the right footwear for Wing Chun can be difficult, but most students start with sneakers.

If you have any recent injuries we should be aware of, for your own safety, you should notify one of our instructors when you arrive for training.


If you would like to become a member of the Academy you will need to fill in a sign up form, which you can receive from our instructors at any class. 

The form contains standard legal features, class rules and our code of conduct. We ask all members to adhere to the code of conduct and the class rules for the safety to other students.

You are welcome to take these forms home with you to read at your leisure.