Welcome to our Academy's website.

Here we provide information about class locations / times, the Academy's purpose and a brief overview of Wing Chun itself. The site is still under construction however, so if you have questions please contact us.

The Academy is based in Canberaa, Australia. So if you are in the region, feel free to drop in and meet our friendly instructors who are happy to answer any questions you might have. Or send an e-mail to wingchun.wushu.academy@gmail.com

New students with no previous training are welcome to turn up at any class.

Our Academy provides:

    . A safe and friendly environment in which to learn
    . Fully accredited and experienced instructors
    . A curriculum to suit any skill level

Reasons we like to learn Wing Chun:
    . Fitness of the mind and body
    . Relaxation and flexibility
    . To learnsomething unique
    . Self defence and confidence
    . To meet new people
    . It's fun


We are member of Kung Fu Wushu Australia                                   




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