Kirani James - 400m Olympic Gold Medalist @ Crimson Classic

Several WCHS Cross Country runners had the privilege of meeting Kirani James, 400m Olympic Gold Medalist.

XC teams ran at the Crimson Classic on Saturday, October 13 hosted by the University of Alabama.  Kirani runs for The University and was helping out with the meet.

Both teams had a strong showing, running with 1-6A teams. 
Emma Kate Holdbrooks finished 17th in the Elite High School Girls race.
Paula Marcum finished 19th in the Girls HS race.
Nick Klein finished 5th in the Boys HS race.
The boys team finshed 9th out of 25 teams with an average team time of 19:48.

Emma Kate Holdbrooks wins Kudzu Hills 1-3A race
giving the girls' team a 3rd place finish.  Paula Marcum & Laura Tramutolo received top 25 finisher recognition.
Nick Klein finished 2nd in the 1-3A boys' race giving the boys' team a 5th place finish.  Garrett Clark & Max Erb received top 25 finisher recognition.

Nick Klein wins Midnight Mule Madness 5K
Congratulations to Nick Klein who ran a time of 17:15 to win the 1st annual Midnight Mule Madness 5K.  Congratulations also to Emma Kate Holdbrooks who finished 1st in the female division.

This race has been run on Mule Day morning for 28+ years and this year was moved to midnight before Mule Day.  183 runners ran in this race through the streets of Winfield.  Hwy 78/118 was shut down from Jacks to the "Loop" turn around while runners down the middle of the highway through town.
Many thanks to Police Chief Scott Welch and our town's police force for making this race possible!
Check out the results -

Emma Kate Holdbrooks wins The Randolph Classic (1-6A)!
Congratulations to Emma Kate Holdbrooks who raced with 311 females on the UAH Eurocross Course and won The Randolph Classic in Huntsville on September 18.
Emma Kate Holdbrooks wins Chickasaw Trails!
Congratulations to Emma Kate Holdbrooks!  She outran 256 other girls in the 1-4A race on Saturday, September 8 to win the race.  Other scorers for the girls' team:  Paula Marcum, Emma Atkinson, Laura Tramutolo & Brooke Cantrell.
Nick Klein finished 6th overall in the 1-4A boys' race.  The boys' team had an average team time of 19:32.  Other top scorers for the boys' team:  Garrett Clark, Max Erb, Nathan Brown & Luke Brantley.
Check out the results at:

Pepsi XC Challenge

Congratulations to both teams on 4th place finishes.  Girls finished in 4th place, 1 point behind XC powerhouse Cold Springs.  Boys finished in 4th place, 4 points behind Elkmont.

Top 20 finishers - Emma Kate Holdbrooks, finished 4th in girls' race.
Paula Marcum also finished in the top 20.

Nick Klein finished 2nd in boys' race and earned a trip to the Moulton Hospital ER!  After a scare to all of us and some fluids, Nick was released later that day and is doing well.  He's ready to race again on Saturday at Chickasaw Trails.  WHAT A COMPETITOR!

Check out the results at

Beat the Heat 5K & 1 mile Fun Run - May 26, 2012

92 RUNNERS  competed in Beat the Heat!
Congratulations to the 5K Winners:

Overall Winner - Nick Klein 17:55

2nd place - Glenn Dodd
   3rd place - Max Erb

1st place - Summer Robinson
2nd place - Emma Kate Holdbrooks
3rd place - Alexandra Tramutolo

Complete Results:

2012 Beat the Heat
 5K Results


Time Age

Time Age
1 Nick Klein 17:55:00 14
1 Summer Robinson 21:39:00 34
2 Glenn Dodd 20:01:00 49
2 Emma Kate Holdbrooks 21:43:00 13
3 Max Erb
20:19:00 15
3 Alexandra Tramutolo 26:18:00 17
4 Mike Cannon 21:28:00 51
4 Hannah Hughes 26:25:00 16
5 Davey Sanderson 21:31:00 16
5 Misty Berryhill 26:34:00 38
6 Jonathan Dobbs 21:33:00 27
6 Morgan Thomas 26:50:00 24
7 Grant Johnson 21:41:00 14
7 Alexis Berryhill 27:09:00 14
8 Will Guin
22:09:00 21
8 Ginger Sweeney 27:24:00 29
9 Randy Thomley 22:13:00 47
9 Brooke Cantrell 28:42:00 14
10 Drew Dickerson 22:35:00 39
10 Kelsey Cook 30:57:00 17
11 Nathan Brown 22:40:00 14
11 Reese Robinson 31:19:00 6
12 Dwight Julbert 22:50:00 41
12 Jessica Freeman 31:54:00 16
13 Colin Norris 24:07:00 15
13 Sherry Pruitt 31:56:00 41
14 Harrison Moran 24:11:00 15
14 Tabatha Mays 32:05:00 31
15 Luke Brantley 24:20:00 14
15 Laura Tramutolo 32:43:00 16
16 Davis Holdbrooks 24:49:00 11
16 Emma Atkinson 32:44:00 15
17 Ben Tramutolo 24:12:00 14
17 Carly Brown 33:00:00 10
18 Chance Mordecai 24:57:00 14
18 Allie Berryhill 32:58:00 11
19 Bobby Bellew 25:02:00 38
19 Cindy Sager 33:48:00 55
20 Tyler Norris 25:20:00 17
20 Shae Griffin 35:07:00 38
21 Jimmy Hughes 25:57:00 45
21 Hollie Gruwell 36:57:00 41
22 Steve Fair 26:03:00 46
22 Carla Stovall 37:46:00 36
23 Hunter Linley 26:13:00 16
23 Monica Wasson 38:47:00 40
24 Andy Smith 27:01:00 39
24 Sherry Henslee 39:06:00 47
25 Justin Guin 28:03:00 28
25 Ashlee Motte 40:01:00 24
26 Daniel Bowling 28:34:00 14
26 Kris Sce
40:26:00 31
27 Garrett Clark 28:35:00 15
27 Carol Haggerd 42:31:00 48
28 Gavin Wasson 28:55:00 14
28 Candace Ward 44:20:00 17
29 Bill Sager
29:40:00 57
29 Kathy Due 44:22:00 41
30 Jamie Berryhill 29:58:00 38
30 Stefani Elmore 46:40:00 36
31 Jerry McGaha 30:15:00 43

32 Cole Robinson 31:06:00 8

33 Andrew Stovall 34:40:00 9

34 Austin Stovall 35:02:00 12

35 Drew Griffin 36:38:00 14

36 Billy Stovall 37:47:00 36

37 Brett Tittle 36:39:00 25

38 Phil Gruwell 36:58:00 40

39 Dustin Motte 40:02:00 27


Mule Day Run - September 24, 2011
Congratulations to Nick Klein - winner of Mule Day Run!
Congratulations to the Cross Country teams on a strong showing in the race.  Several runners won their age group.

September 28, 2011

Doughnut Run
Thanks, Emma Atkinson, for the idea!

Planking!  September 16, 2011


Chickasaw Trails -
September 10, 2011
Congratulations to Nick Klein!
He ran a 17:54 to finish 3rd overall in the boys' 1-4A race
Congratulations to Emma Kate Holdbrooks!
She ran a 20:30 to finish 3rd overall in the girls' 1-4A race
Top 5 scorers for the boys' team behind Nick:
Max Erb, Garrett Clark, Nathan Brown & Trey Cunningham
Top 5 scorers for the girls' team behind Emma Kate:
Emma Atkinson, Laura Tramutolo, Holly Aultman, Alexandra Tramutolo

September 12, 2011

Brooks Invitational - September 3, 2011
Congratulations to Nick Klein and Emma Kate Holdbrooks - both finished 3rd overall in their races. 
 Nick ran 17:54 & Emma Kate ran 20:30.
Top 5 scorers - GIRLS:
Emma Kate Holdbrooks, Emma Atkinson, Laura Tramutolo, Holly Aultman, Alexandra Tramutolo
check out the results:
 Top 5 scorers - BOYS:
Nick Klein, Garrett Clark, Max Erb, Ben Tramutolo,
Nathan Brown
check out the results: 

September 12, 2011


Brooks Invitational - September 3, 2011

Brooks Invite 2011

Congrats to the Lady Pirates on their 2nd Place finish!

Emma Kate Holdbrooks finishes 2nd overall behind Rogers'
Katie Stewart
Kelsey Holdbrooks finishes 11th overall
Top 5 scorers:  Emma Kate Holdbrooks, Kelsey Holdbrooks, Laura Tramutolo, Emma Atkinson, Alexandra Tramutolo,
Boys finish in 4th place and Nick Klein finishes 2nd overall, behind Hatton's Blake Brackin
Top 5 scorers:  Nick Klein, Max Erb, Garrett Clark, Ben Tramutolo, Nathan Brown

Way to Go,  Running Pirates!
check out the results at


Pepsi XC Challenge - August 27, Moulton, AL
Lady Pirates take 2nd Place!
check out the results at 

Pepsi XC Challenge 2011

Emma Kate Holdbrooks finished 2nd overall in the race and Kelsey Holdbrooks finished in the Top 20.
Nick Klein received Top 10 Runner status in the boys 1-3A race.


Florida State - Seminoles Running Camp
  Karen Harvey, FSU Head Womens XC Coach

Bob Braman, FSU Mens Head XC Coach
Saturday morning trail run - unbelievable views!

Wakulla Springs run - crystal clear spring water stays about 75 degrees year round 

1, 2, 3, Jump
Sunday morning trail run at Miccosuki Greenway - 1.5 miles uphill (the last 1.5 was much easier!) Krispy Kreme doughnuts awaited us at the bottom : )
Fun at the Fun Station (yes, Mrs. Guin DID win putt putt with 2 hole in ones)
Bowling - Emma beat Mrs. Guin by 2 points!  Good game, Emma! 

Tanner Marshall signs with Huntington College Cross Country



Emma Kate Holdbrooks finishes 181 out of 1880, 29th female in the

Mercedes-Benz Cotton Row 10K - Finishes 1st in her age group with time of 47:17

Yeah, we can run 6 miles and still clean up nice!

XC Runners at Prom 2011

Where are you, Tanner Marshall?

(l-r:  Collins Davis, Olivia Atkinson, Andy Franks, Kelsey Holdbrooks, Tanner Dozier, Sam Tramutolo)

l-r:  Olivia Atkinson, Coach Guin, Kelsey Holdbrooks

Lady Pirates place 2nd at ACA Invitational (see The Latest)

Emma Kate Holdbrooks wins the Luxapalila Invitational - Lady Pirates place 1st in team competition (see The Latest)
Emma Kate Holdbrooks WINS the Southeast XC Showdown!  (see The Latest)

Emma Kate Holdbrooks finishes 13th at Jesse Owens Classic - sets new school record!
  (see The Latest)


Collins Davis wins Annual Mule Day Run!  (see The Latest)
2012 Cross Country Teams
Barbour Motor Sports Track

Several XC runners participated in the Color Run on Labor Day.  14,000 plus runners participated and although the race was not timed, XC runners enjoyed a fun filled run in the rain!

Nick Klein finishes 3rd in the 2nd Annual Phil Campbell Hoe Down Hustle 5K - finishes 1st in age division (see The Latest)

Beat the Heat 5K Winners:  Male - Nick Klein with a time of 18:54  Female - Emma Kate Holdbrooks with a time of 21:25 (see The Latest for more)
STATE 2010 . . .

Congratulations, Girls & Boys Track Teams - Boys finished 3rd in 3A, Girls finished 4th in 3A!

Emma Kate Holdbrooks (7th grader)


Nick Klein (7th grader)

named ROOKIE OF THE YEAR at WCHS Track Banquet

Emma Kate Holdbrooks named MVP of WAC & Marion County Track Meets - sets new school record for the mile:  6:02.   CONGRATULATIONS, Emma Kate!

Emma Kate Holdbrooks named "All State" XC Runner, sets school record (see The Latest)

Boys finish 5th, Girls finish 7th in 3A at State XC Meet (see The Latest)

Boys win 3A Section 3 - Girls finish 2nd (see the Latest)


Lady Pirates place 3rd at NW Alabama Championships (see The Latest)

Emma Kate Holdbrooks finishes 10th overall 


2010 Cross Country teams