I have always been an artist; from the first day I held a crayon, through a fine arts degree and beyond.  If art has not been a part of my professional day I find a way to incorporate the creative expression in it anyway, and I spend my free time exploring my artistic dreams.

My mother is an amazing quilter, and I have found myself quilting with paper rather than fabric.  In my illustrations for " The Ugly Duckling" I wanted to pay homage to Hans Christen Andersen.  He made many paper cut outs while he read his works to children, I have reflected those techniques in my book illustrations.

As a wine and food journalist with a passion for edible gardening I have found a way of using natural fodder to express myself.  You can see this is the "Ugly Duckling" but also in my blackberry juice abstract and my foil paintings.

I am also exploring making handmade books and 3-d sculptures out of recyclables.

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