Paper and Ink


Valerie Brockbank 

Freelance journalist,  wine columnist, editor, illustrator, foodie blogger and photographer

As a freelance writer/photographer/ journalist, I am up for any challenge.  I am curious by nature and a good listener, two skills that make me a good interviewer of anyone who has a story to tell.

I have an eclectic education and career background that has allowed me the opportunity to explore my interests in depth: Benefiting my own personal growth, as well as increasing the economic benefits of my clients and employers.

My expertise in wine and food has led to a rewarding writing career as a columnist and blogger.  Several of my recipes have been featured on PBS Seattle and my wine columns have found fans from around the world.

I have worked as a managing editor for a newspaper, a program director and film critic in radio, as a producer of book and film TV shows, and director of wine, art, literature and architecture festivals.

I am interested in freelance work, and in syndicating my columns.

Please take a look at my site, and I hope to be communicating with you soon.