About Us

University of Memphis ASCE

Our chapter is committed to learning, helping the community and helping our fellow students. The funds earned from this event help our chapter to participate in the Deep South Regional ASCE Conference where our knowledge and hard work are put to the test through competitions such as the concrete canoe races and steel bridge event. Our members work hard all year preparing for these competitions both academically and physically. The events are challenging and require a final product that must be designed and built by our members. If you would like to see pictures of some of the previous year's competitions please visit our student chapter website by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your support and for purchasing tickets!

Christian Brothers University ASCE
In our never-ending quest to further ourselves in our education and to network with fellow engineers in our community, our student chapter is very excited to meet and mingle with all those attending the annual ASCE Wine and Beer Tasting. This is a great opportunity to interact with all the supporters who will help us reach our academic goals and help us better ourselves as aspiring engineers. We sincerely appreciate all the assistance and encouragement of each attendee.