In June 2013 our Shepherd dog Chico died of unknown reasons. At 10PM he seemed not to be able to walk well.  We looked for injuries or snake bites but could not see anything. Three hours later we checked on him again and found him dead. Did he get bitten by a rattle snake or did he pick up poisoned food? We will never now.

Our feral but very much attached-to-the-property cat Blacky disappeared already a few month earlier. Blacky was not afraid of anything. Even Chico, who was 12 times his size could not make him run. Blacky would just raise his front leg and show his claws, which was enough for Chico to leave him alone. But his bravery probably got him killed, because the coyotes, who roam around the vineyard were probably not impressed by the cat’s claws.

Fortunately, in the neighborhood, a litter was born out of mix of a German Shepherd and a Blue Heeler. The puppies were born on May 1, 2013 and were available for adoption. Now we enjoy the friendship of Rafa, a male and Zumba, a female. These puppies now protect the vineyard, which they already consider their domain.