Around Fort Selden

Across the street from the winery, the Fort Selden State Museum and the Fort Ruins are situated. 
The Fort has been built in 1865 to protect travelers and settlers from desperados and Indians. 
The fort has been  the home for the famous Buffalo soldiers and is now a museum
 where tourists can still see how the soldiers lived in those days.

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Less than a mile from the winery is the Leasburg state dam diverting water from the Rio Grande for irrigation purposes.
The dam is located near the site of the Leasburg State Park
There are bbq-grills, shaded areas and a nice trail all on the Rio Grande riverfront
 with opportunities to camp, picnic, swim, or just relax.

Two miles from the winery was the famous Radium Hot Springs Hotel. The former owners of the hotel have spared no effort to restore this hotel, which dates from 1931, into its original splendor. However ill fate and bad accessibility has prevented this hotel from reopening.

Where grapevines have been planted some cacti needed to be transplanted. 
This beautiful Cholla cactus blooms around the middle of May.  

Very common on the property and blooming early April is the Hedgehog cactus. 

In the Summertime, there is an abundance of sunflowers and holy-hocks on the property.

The view from the tasting room shows farmland of the Mesilla Valley and a relatively unspoiled piece of NM desert.