Germany makes the most profound white wines in the world. Bold statement, I know, but I have tasted a lot of German wine and the high quality along with the variety (not everything great is just Riesling) and value across the board make it the leader  of the word in quality, distinctive white wines, even though they are just 1% of the world's wine production. 

Many people would argue that France deserves this distinction but I think people who drink German wine and love German know this cannot be true. Don't get me wrong, French whites are right there but I think the distinction and unique character of the Riesling grape and other grapes combined with the  wonderful terroir in the Southeast (where most of the wine regions are), make Germany the top spot for now and years to come.

I have traveled extensively in German wine country so I hope I can bring some unique information and a new voice to the German wine scene. Below are small blurbs on regions and producers that I think are noteworthy.