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Pouilly-Fume, the Sauvignon Blanc-based appellation in the Loire Valley is perhaps most famous for being mistaken for Pouilly-Fuisse the Chardonnay based appellation in Southern Burgundy. It is located on the Eastern bank of the Loire.

The Fume refers to the unmistakable gunflint flavor and aroma one can get from the top wines from the chalk in the soil at the top sites.

Before Sauvignon Blanc was planted here it was Chasselas country, which is a very fruity and sweet grape that has some affinity for the soils in the area. But Chasselas now is relegated to the lesser appellation of Pouilly-sur-Loire, which actually covers the same area as Pouilly-Fume.

The best wines of Pouilly-Fume have more depth and structure than the best wines from Sancerre.

The best wines are made by the great estate of Didier Dagueneau, who passed away in a tragic plane crash a few years back.  He fermented his wines in new oak which enables them to age extremely well. They are, by far, the best wines in the appellation, but you have to pay up
to get them.

Pouilly-Fume is not exactly a value but is usually very reliable. They can be had for between $19-$125 with the sweet spot being $25-$35 a bottle.

Notable Recent Vintages: 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2004, 2002, 2001, 1997, 1996

Top producers of Pouilly-Fume include:
  • Didier Dagueneau
  • Marc Deschamps
  • A. Cailbourdin
  • Regis Minet
  • Alexandre Bain
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