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Orleans is a city in north central France and it lies southwest of Paris. It is very far north of the Loire Valley but is still considered part of the Loire. It was given VDQS status in 2006.

It has some of the most northerly vineyards in all of France with Alsace and Champagne the only areas farther north. As a result, they are light in body and have lovely refreshing acidity.

They make red, rose and white wine. Pinot Meunier is the dominant red and rose varietal and is often combined with Pinot Noir and even sometimes Cabernet Franc. Chardonnay is the dominant white variety along with a skoche of Pinot Gris.

Typically Orleans wines can be found for between $9-$24 a bottle

Notable Recent Vintages: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

Top producers of Orleans include:
  • Clos Saint-Fiacre
  • Reynald Heaule