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Cour-Cheverny might be the ultimate geek-insider appellation to end all geek-insider appellations. All Cour-Cheverny is made from the extremely acidic Romorantin grape.  In good years, the wines are very interesting and complex and a terrific value.

Romorantin can create enormously complex and long-aging wines.  At their best, the wines taste like apple-infused minerals.  At their worst, they can be alarmingly acidic with too much mineral and not enough fruit. Sometimes, extreme natural winemakers like Thierry Puzelat can make cider-like, cloudy, screechingly acidic Romorantins
(which have their fans).

Cour-Cheverny is actually part of the larger Cheverny appellation but the 50 ha where Romorantin is planted was granted is own AOC. Cheverny in itself is a relatively new appellation, only being created in 1991 with Cour-Cheverny gaining AOC status at the same time.

There are few people who toil with the grape as it is difficult to make successfully vinify. Francois Cazin can do it like no one else can. His Cour-Chevernys are almost haunting in their complexity. They age wonderfully and are very fresh no matter what age you decide to drink them. In particularly ripe vintages, Cazin will make a demi-sec as the Romorantin can acquire some nice noble rot. The 1996 and 2002 are legendary vintages of this demi-sec style.

Cour-Cheverny can be great values ranging from $14-$30 and usually solidly in the $15-$25 camp.

Notable Recent Vintages: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 2007 (acidic), 2005 (fat style) 2004, 2002, 2001, 1996 (very acidic)

Top producers of Cour-Cheverny include:
  • Francois Cazin (Le Petit Chambord)
  • Domaine des Huards (Michel Gendrier)
  • Phillipe Tessier
  • Herve Villemade (Domaine du Moulin)