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Pommard is one of the most tannic, backwards and biggest of all the wines in the Cote de Beaune. It demands a lot of age, but with age comes rewards. It is a bit odd that Pommard, which lies between Volnay and Beaune bears little if any resemblance to the wines of those villages. Beaune and Volnay tend to more towards the delicate side of the spectrum whilst Pommards are the meatier,  
gamier, beastlier side of Pinot Noir. Pommard has significant tannin and also significant richness and demands cellaring. As Lalou-Bize Leroy once said, "The wines of Pommard are rather like its church: solid, square and, on first impression, less than inviting." 

Things have changed since Lalou has said that and some producers are making Pommards that can be approached early, but in all honesty they need to be cellared. The top vineyard in Pommard is Rugiens and Etienne de Montille makes a wonderful example. The lower side of Rugiens, called Rugiens Bas has been mentioned in needing an upgradeto Grand Cru status. Les Chanlins and Les Pezerolles are also very fine.

A word must also be said about the producer Comte Armand and their 1er Cru "Clos des Epeneaux." This is a wine that needs many decades of cellaring and resembles more young Baroli than young Burgundy but when aged can provide some of the most thrilling examples in the appellation.
Pommard, aesthetically, is one of the most beautiful villages in Burgundy. Pommard typically can go between $40-$225 a bottle but the sweet spot is around $75-$85. 

Notable Recent Vintages: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2002, 1999, 1996, 1993, 1991

Top producers of Pommard:
  • Hubert De Montille
  • Comte Armand
  • Jean & Gilles Lafouge
  • Henri Boillot
  • Nicolas Rossignol
  • Joseph Voillot
  • Dubreuil-Fontaine
  • Billard-Gonnet
  • Pousse d.Or
  • Thierry Violot-Guillemard
  • Domaine de Courcel
  • Domaine du Pavillon
  • Huber-Verdereau
  • Jean-Marc Bouley
  • Michel Lafarge
  • Domaine Parent
  • Pierre Morey
  • Maison Louis Jadot
  • Domaine Joseph Faiveley
  • Louis Boillot et Fils
  • Fernand et Laurent Pillot
  • Aleth Girardin
  • Camus-Brochon
  • Domaine/Maison François Parent
  • Maison Bouchard Père et Fils
  • Paul Pernot
  • Michel Gaunoux
  • Gabriel Billard

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